Edmonton 2007 May 19th tourney

Moral of the story: Chun is anti-Oro, but Urien is anti-Jinrai.

Others will be added along with match videos LATER!!!

Xvsf was HELLA BIG 19 peeps enterd and the tourney STILL isn’t over BECAUSE dark ren came form the losers brakert beat me but then we ended right there. so the suspence is still on. Lee’s random juggernuat took Lee out of the tournament with a BIG head crush.

3s had peeps from BC to Sask clashing. Sonic reaper, thought to be a easy win actually showed his stuff and repped sask to it’s fullyest (minus one sertan player) But like just about every Edmonton tourney Moe took it with Jinrai trailing behind him. lee came out of tournament retierment and stol 5th away from new player G-spot.

Xvsf was totally bazar. but alas Astral bit the dust of 3rd place for once and me and dark ren have yet to finish the tourney. I actually put in an extra 30 bucks for this “unsetteld” tournament lol =p

Cvs2 was HYPE G-spot and low moe came out of no where and bossed up with some cvs2 skills. Lomo is actually a threat to all the other cvs2 players and will prolly get to Moe’s level sooner or later

Tekken 5 was chaos. Dazzler Krazy Virus and new commer Tokes green beasted . Tokes green actually perfected KJrazy’s ass in T5 a few rounds. He also Stood his grounds vs Dazzler. But alas Dazzler took first form every one.

Marvel was pretty fucked up Marvo won of corse with lee taking up secound then Krazy took 3rd and shane with 4th. Surprisingly Dark renagade YES dark renagade took 5th. HOW that happend is beyond me. But he was almost dusting shane and gave every one a hard time in marvel. Turtling cable with Comando assist right in your face in yer face!

A3: greg greg greg thats all i can say. I got fucked up and i couldsnt pull shit out. Moe coudltn cc infinite. But thats ok we’re old and almost NEVER play shit shit. Dead frog made his donation to gregs d\beer drinking. Sonic gave a good fight but the beast was too much =s

st: didnt happen… =(

GGXX: was a two man tournament and it will be setteld today.

Melty blood. was not happening because oh idk the person who was sapose to bring it DIDNT EVEN COME!

Smash: :rofl:

3s 15 participants

  1. Moe Powell
  2. Jinrai
  3. BKB
  4. deadlikelatin and Andrew
  5. Sonic and GSpot

Cvs2 9 participants
2)Ultimate Rugal
6)G-spot and BkB

Mvc2 16 participants

  1. Marvo
  2. Lee
  3. Krazy
  4. Shane
  5. Dark renagade and Lomo
  6. Shiro_420 and Dennis

Tekken 5 10 participants

  1. Dazzler
  2. Virus
  3. Andrew
  4. Shane
  5. Tokesgreen
  6. Haseo and Krazy

A3 8 participants

  1. Bkb
  2. Sonic reaper
  3. Moe powl
  4. Marv0
  5. Shiro_420

X-men VS Street fighter

  1. Shiro_420 (ITS YA BOY) :smokin:
  2. Dark renagade (EAT IT) :cybot:
  3. Astral slyer (Was nicing for a smoke) :bluu:
    4 Lee (sorry no juggernaut smilie)
  4. Marvo and Shane
  5. G-spot and

Xvsf Tourney match vids
Dark renagade vs Astral slayer m1 losers finals

Dark renagade vs Astral slayer losers braket m2

Dark renagade vs Astral slayer losers braket m3

Dark renagade vs Astral slayer losers braket m4

Marv0 vs Dark renagade m3 winners braket

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade grand finals p2 m1

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade grand finals p2 m2

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade grand finals p2 m3l

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade grand finals p2 m4

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade grand finals p2 m5

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade grand finals p2 m6

Shiro420 vs Dark renagade grand finals p2 m7

phew thats all of them.

Tekken 5

There wasn’t a whole lot of tekken amtches uploaded. I think i got 4 out of the whole thing.

Virus vs Dazzler

Toaks Green vs Jesica Loers Braket

Haseo vs Shane Lightining losers braket

Toakes Green vs Krazy aka Armor King losers braket


Jinrai vs Sonic reaper m1

Jinrai vs Sonic reaper m2

Jinrai vs Sonic reaper m3

Did Ultimate Rugal go to this event? If so, how’d he do in CvS2?

If this place wasnt at a bar, Shane woulda done alot better at marvel. rofl.

his fault for drinking? obviously

It is. I told him to slow down a few times. but doesnt listen.

hahhaah, shit, i’m not surprised moe owning CvS2 and 3rd. its no surpriiise LOL

Steve good shit holding it down bro.


Soon soon

at a boy greg! dope shit shiro

Good shit Greg, I guess you won the super turbo tournament? East Coast Bitches.

da good shit bro.

LEO shoulda came up from calgary and took this shit down!!!

Damn, sounds like it was a blast. Really wanted to come but I was too busy. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the next one you guys have. LOL @ xvsf having the highest entry, nice. GJ Shiro for holding it down in xvsf.

ST didn’t happen because no one wanted to play really… Good games against Jinrai tho!

CvS2 vids should be up eventually… when i get home and get the tapes fom Virus. That game is crazy.

GGs to everyone in 3S. I went real close with Jinrai in winners… down to last round like before, but also peaced out in the last round, like before. In losers I tried playing different characters to see what would happen… and i was Orowned. I dunno how to stop the unblockable. lol.

Sonic VS BKB Challenge… I eek out a victory! Chun’s j.short is beefy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I musta drank like a half dozen beers throughout the tourney, I was fairly cut near the end. The mad stylin’ bartender was awesome too. :lol:

Big ups to mah dog Shee-row. I finally got to play on a real A3 machine for the first time. woo!

Please send Dark Ren to Evo.

Er, I was suppose to bring melty blood? I don’t remember that. But, I’m sorry about not making it. I was deadly sick and couldn’t find a way to contact you before the tournament.

good shit dark ren and shiro :wgrin:
nice shit holdin it down moe

Whew, wow, that was quite some trip. Alright, first off, I gotta say, mad props to Paul, Moe, Greg, Lee, Steve and anyone else I’m forgetting that I got a chance to play. Paul, Moe and Greg, you guys got some mad game at 3S. Was an honor to play against you guys.

Moe, sorry I didn’t have anymore time to have a few more casuals. It was a little crazy what with staying over at Steve’s and the whole greyhound strike thing.

Paul, how the hell did I beat you that first round :rofl: I missed a damn hit confirm with Chun. That’s retarded. But that was one of the most intense matches I’ve ever had. PANIC BUTTON!!!11!

I can’t believe I tied for 8th with G-Spot (or whatever his name is). Dude was SCARED of my Chun, wow, I’ve never seen someone so afraid to attack in my life. If I had gotten his bracket, I would’ve got 4th at least. He went up against, what, Beeble, Lemon and Andrew? Would’ve taken those guys like CAKE! That’s the only thing that really pisses me off. But I guess I can’t make excuses. I got thrown out by Lee. So respect.

Greg, thanks for the casuals. I missed God knows how many hit confirms. Seriously, my reflexes need some work, I could tell you were barely trying.

The Alpha 3 tournament was whack. With regards to skill leve, it went a little something like this;



–[Moe? I dunno, Steve asked me to put you here somewhere :p]

–everyone else


jokes :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, it was fun. I’m gonna brush up on my V-ISM shit, cause I got the fundamentals down pat, but I never bothered to learn V-ISM, since I only played that shit when it first came out.

CvS2, bleh, whatever. I suck at that. Some mad skills though. Moe was beasting. Good job.

It was a good time. I learned a lot. Whenever Urien headbutts = TECH THROW BITCHES.

Steve, thanks for having me. Really appreciated. And thanks for showing me around some. And just a thanks to everyone in general that I may have forgotten to thank specifically. See you next month I guess. I’ll post more stuff as it comes up.

Pick Chun.

hahahahah G_spots not afraid of ur chun he just played with u and still tied u