Edmonton Gamers, Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament
(and Super Street Fighter IV)

When is it:
Saturday February 26th @ 2:pm

Where is it at:
Absolute power - 13839 - 42 Street

Format Type:
1 vs 1,
2 vs 2
Double Elimination

$10 Venue
$10 Singles Game Entry
$10 Teams Game Entry (per person per team)

Pot Split:
1st 60%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%

Let the games begin:nunchuck:

Flyer here


Winner of the Edmonton Gamers Online ranking battle will get a free game entry to the Super Street fighter IV “Singles” tournament.

Thread is here

Winner of the Xbox 360 EB Games tournament will gain free game entry to the Marve vs Capcom 3 “Singles” tournament
"Thread is coming"

I’m really looking forward to this. thanks again shiro.

I will be there!

Sweet see you guys there!

stickey thread please

Finally a marvel tournament! Only took a few years!

Get a starting pot mkay?

We’ll see if you show up "rolls eyes’

mad close to me, i’ll go

anyone wanna do some 5$ money matches on ssfiv, mvc3 or mvc2?

I might do that, I don’t know. I have never played anyone for money.

What is this about an EB Games tournament?

i’ll let you know no latter than monday =p

First post. I am looking forward to the tournament. I think I will come just to spectate but will pay entry fee just to increase the pot. Need to brush up on my skills. Hope the edmonton fighting game scene gets more popular.

Hey man if your interested in the community in Edmonton, you could always come check out our weekly casuals

"For all the Street fighter gatherings that have been happening please check out Boston Pizza.

The address is 10115 Princess Elizabeth Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5G 0X9

Get Directions
(780) 477-9111"

New update for people who are interested

Topic: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Online tournament? -

This still going on yes?

Can’t go on my end. Have to work this weekend. Good luck to whoever is going.

yes this is for sure still going

also I want to MM ANYONE from calgary in mvc3 at this event. form 20-100 bones!

Don’t start without us! The roads are real bad. Were about 1/3 the way there. Rolling up to red deer soon.

Could’nt make it. bad roads.