Edmonton Thread 2011


hats off to you for doing what looks insanely hard. being someone who has very poor execution i couldnt imagine doing those trials. either way, i might pick up the game this weekend and check it out

Gordon: You better keep your one a day promise. lol.

That’s hardcore. Carpal Tunnel ftw.

blows fingers

heh, burned.

Stop the presses,

The Oilers won in Minnesota.

17 games later.

Mai KOF13 Trials

These trials are really sick looking, good work gordan

Pretty sure kofxiii is amazing. Game is too fun.



For the KOF people

Sick video, terrible music. lol.


Good for wrestlers, bad for combo video.

laughed when I saw that

Doing the KOF trials has forced me to do tons of research on the input mechanics.

I am doing K’ trials right now and it constantly wants you to go DP+LP into EX QCF+P. The problem is that his super is (2x)QCFxP. So to correct this I have to input this combo as HCB+F+LP then I can do QCF+P without worry of the super coming out.

Another trial required me to do a Tiger knee cancel of his QCB+K twice in a row. I couldn’t get this out consistently. I then found out that special moves drop if you you are not inputting the final direction when finishing the motion. So I had to do TK reverse QCB+K and Hold UB.

Leona trials require quick charge storing and the game expects you to go Down(Charge)+Up+Punch then Drive cancel it into Back(Charge)+F+K. I figured out that the actual input is just Down+Back(Charge)+Up+Punch then F+K. I thought I had to go UB but it seems it’s not needed. Also Leona’s Trial 3 requires you to actually kara cancel a S.LP and actually doesn’t hit because you can’t special cancel her C.LK.

If anyone knows anymore shortcuts or anything like that let me know.

I tried the saiki trials last night, they are pretty fun.

As for shortcuts, you can do dp drive canceled to qcf with f,d,df+p,f+p. The game reads the d and df at the end of the dp as the d and df for the fireball.


I found that post a few hours ago, thanks Alvin. I don’t know why you highlighting the parts that I said in my post though.

I still haven’t found an explanation for DP drive canceled into EX qcf.

The drive cancel method you’re listing Calvin doesn’t work for a EX qcf+P, it comes out as a ex dp everytime.