Edmonton Thread 2011

How long you gonna be in edmonton for?

i have a buddy with a chun li stick for xbox. i can ask him about it.

First time on the forum. Not sure if this is the right place to write this, but I was just wondering if there are any stores in Edmonton that sell sticks.

Best bet is EB Games or GameStop. But they usually dont carry them in stock until a new Fighting game comes out. You should ask if they will be getting any soul calibur 5 sticks in. They pretty much work the same way

Is there nobody in Vancouver that builds sticks? Just ask him if he can fix a usb cable. They’re not hard to fix if the guy knows how to solder. Ask FakeSteve and the unseen ChuckBartowski. I fixed both of their sticks and they worked for a very long time after that.

Harpreet! Welcome to Etown’s FG community man! It looked like there were a couple at the Gamestop at Kingsway yesterday. Hey, you should come out to Triumph or Die 2.

Is this the Ken player? Welcome to the forums and it’s nice to see new blood out. Especially cause the only other ken player is a fart knocker.

SF players are all fart knockers. hyuk hyuk

The memory express on st.albert trail sell Round 2 TE sticks. I don’t remember how much they were selling them for.

If you are looking for PS3 sticks, thats where you can get em. I havent seen any xbox ones lying around there. They are quite pricy too

Anyone down for games today? I’ve been practicing :smiley:

Fart knocker is underused these days.

what kinda games

Woops, sorry for leaving so quick Kung. Had to run out to the family store. Please don’t run Nemesis on anchor, ha ha.

Which ken player? It’s not scott… a buddy I know from way back.

I thought I could maybe use him like Sent but I was wrong

I can’t remember who your second character was, but I think if you wanted to make Nemesis work out you could do Nemesis with Unibeam. From the few matches I’ve had against Nemesis, he seems to act like a natural shield for assists since he’s so honking huge which is great for Iron Man.

Tri-Steve Ryu-off results:

  1. FakeSteve 2-0
  2. Raiden 1-1
  3. Shiro 0-2

Hey, guys. Long time no see.

-Is UMvC3 good? Should I buy it? Is it DLC or do I have to buy it in store?
-Is SF4:AEv2012 out yet?
-Is KoF actually good? (Geoff, Calvin and Matt, don’t bother answering this. I prefer answers from people I trust or don’t even know.)
-When & where do you guys play? Is it still that place on Kingsway?
-Matt/odin: http://termite.apcdn.com/full/40557.jpg
-As per Tri-Steve Ryu-off results, FakeSteve should be upgraded to Real Steve

Very little has changed from MvC3 to UMvC3 so if you didn’t like the first game then you won’t like the second game. It’s a separate disc that retails for $40.

Not yet. It’s suppose to come out this month but I can’t remember the release date.

Yes, it’s extremely good. There’s a higher learning curve if you’re not familiar with the game mechanics but once you learn the game, it’s very fun to play. If you make it out to Overklocked on Wednesday or to Calvin’s on Friday you can check the game out. Right now Jim. Stang, Khoa, Calvin, Geoff, and I play the game.

Still on Wednesday at Overklocked.

Mortal Kombat takes Best Fighting Game @ Spike Awards. Please, don’t laugh all at once.

of course it takes best fighting game, the sheer amount of extra content assured that. as a competitive fighting game it’s not exactly my cup of tea, but they did a fantastic job with everything else. different criteria.

the real laugh will be when MW3 takes home game of the year