Edmonton Thread 2011

sir, is there some sort of problem?

and psn is fucking horrible garbage and the ports suck ass (mvc3 on ps3 lags like crazy and sf4 has a timing difference)

mostly thought it came out too late, cost way to much, and it had no games when it did come out

psn is hot garbage compared to xbl for online play you noticed the most in rhythm games or fighting games where timing is big. Online is still a joke but if you going to fuck around might as well do it with xbl. Way better experience.

cause were all rich as fuk in edmonton and love to shell out 60$ a year for XBL

What’s 60 bucks a year when you clear 1350 a week.

next tournament

wait let me get this right - i have to pay $5 a month to be able to play umvc3 online on xbox? wtf

I can’t speak to how mvc3 runs on ps3 but its night and day for sf.

Dean makes his first appearance on “The Street Fighter”

No kidding, does Microsoft think we’re all one-percenters?

Dorian is.

Occupy Dorian, free xbox live for all!

Don’t forget about KOF tonight at OK. And if you are not coming out, make sure to watch the stream. And if you aren’t watching the stream, at least open it so I can feel good about myself that there is +1 viewers.

Matt: Even dicky is playing KoF. You should probably get on it.

I don’t need to play it hardcore.
I played for a few hours, learned to combo Maxima’s Clothesline from Hell, learned to combo Andy’s Elbow from Hell and learned Clark’s COME AT ME BRO from Hell.

I’m already better than all of Calgary.

Yo, Raiden has the ultimate clothesline from hell. His Neomax is a single hit clothesline that makes you tumble like 10 times. It’s great. And comboable too rofl.

Maxima has the Clothesline from Compton then, cause that dude is gangsta with his Kimbo Slice-like punches.


Fuck. Now I wanna pick up Raiden.

So who’s in for sf tonight? Was going to play last night but got distracted and watched Air’s stream. Was interesting to see a pro try out some other characters looking for a sub for bad matches.

Think I’m in for that tournament too, top 3 here I come!

Me Paul DR and Cam going. See whoever there

Change of plans I’m heading down.


We really need to get more competitive here so we aren’t so free.