Edmonton Thread 2014


Ohhhh snap!

Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/edmontonfgc and https://www.facebook.com/groups/157614575920/ to get automatic invites to tournaments. Almost all discussion in Edmonton occurs in the facebook group at this point. You will find info about weeklies and casual meetups here.

Weeklies: We meet every Wednesday at Overklocked Gaming & Computers.

$8 for the whole night, and you get a free pop!

Edmonton Streams:
www.twitch.tv/edmontongamers - Livestreams of tournaments and casuals in Edmonton.
www.twitch.tv/doubleprfct - Scotty’s stream.




What the fuck is this shit?


Contacted admin for renaming this thread Poopmonton Thread 2014.

To expect such fine gentleman of the 403 realm, to prance amongst a thread created by one of the vile, civilians of the dreadful domain of Poopmonton.





Keep the threads separated. -_-


Why? A lot of Edmonton people read the Calgary thread anyways and there are so few posts in Edmonton thread that we might as well merge them.


What makes you think you can make that call for two different communities?


Does it matter that much?

I wanted to make a thread with a good, informative OP instead of something that says “fuck you new people” which was the first post in the 2012 thread or something.


I people really want it then I’ll rename this thread to the Edmonton thread.




When is it?


Happy new year, guys.


Ghost town


All’s right with the world.



Just wanna mention to anyone who might be looking at this from edmonton, we are actually a really active scene. 20-30 players are showing up for our street fighter 4 ranbats every wednesday and we have multiple leagues running too. All our discussion and planning takes place on facebook now, find our group “Edmonton FGC” there!




hohoho too bad sucka!


All of these regional threads moving to facebook has made me practically disappear from the scene in both cities as Facebook sucks and I will never use it. Also is it Ultra on Wednesdays or AE2012? I might try coming out wednesday as this is my last trip in Edmonton for the summer.