Edmonton vs Toronto: METRO 02/21/2004


We were graced with two players from Edmonton today and at one of them proved why he’s the best in his city.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (11 Entrants)

1st - Mahir (Edmonton) (A Geese/Bison/Chun)
2nd - C Royd (P Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)
3rd - Arcade Legend (K Bison/Rugal/Sagat)
4th - EX Matt (A Hibiki/Chun/Sakura)
5th - Gerjay 2001 (A Blanka/Sakura/Bison)
5th - YellowS4 (P Zangief/Vega/Blanka)
7th - Nagata Lock II (C Guile/Kim/Vega)
7th - King of Naboo (P Cammy/Blanka/Honda)
9th - Crazy Penguin (K Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)
9th - Angry Black (A ???/Vega/Chun Li)
9th - Jiggabry (K Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)

I probably have a few teams mixed up but that’s as close as I can remember.


1st - Will (Ken SAIII, Makoto SAI)
2nd - Shin Chris (Akuma SAI, Ken SAIII)
3rd - Burton (Ryu SAIII)
4th - C Royd (Chun SAII, Ryu SAIII, Yang SAII, Ken SAIII, Makoto SAII, Alex SAII)
5th - Tony (Ken SAIII, Yang, SAII, Chun Li SAII)
5th - AneurismX (Dudley SAIII)
7th - Louie (Yun SAIII)
7th - Nech Neb (Urien SAIII, Ken SAIII)
9th - Angry Black (Ken SAIII)
9th - King Of Naboo (Chun Li SAII, Ken SAIII, Dudley SAI, Alex SAII)
9th - YellowS4 (Dudley SAIII)
9th - Adam B (Ken SAIII)
13th - Pocari Sweat (Necro SAIII, Oro SAII)
13th - Mahir (Makoto SAII)
13th - Nagata Lock II (Akuma SAI)
13th - Jinrai (Edmonton) (Oro SAII)
17th - ChaChaMan (Oro SAII, Chun Li SAII)
17th - Arcade Legend (Ryu SAIII, Akuma SAI)
17th - Jiggabry (Ken SAIII)
17th - DarkDragon (Yang SAII)

GG’s to everyone. Much respect to Paul and Mahir for coming to the tournament and in the case of Mahir taking that shit in one of the best sets of matches I have ever seen. Definitely will be posting vids to GTASF in the coming days.


yeah good games to Mahir. Close matches…all I gotta say is:

I hate Geese

and sorry about the RH kick and shit…it wasnt broken before the tournament. So couldnt really do anything.

and oh yeah, thanks Will for the bubble tea


congrats to Will for winning 3S and thanks for the bubble tea.

good games to everyones I played today.


thanks for the drinks will

congrats on winning!


good games to all today
Edmonton guy played well and like marvin said, has a pretty good geese.

Marvin’s psychic super when I throw out a standing roundhouse is a baitscene :frowning:


Wow, good job Mahir. Playing matches on a new machine is difficult, especially in tourney play, hope your RC’s and CC’s were on point.

Geese huh?, lol… i prefer his Geese over Hibiki.


Congratulations to Will.

JS didnt play eh?
Too bad JS I was gonna come to bet on you taking 1st place. :slight_smile:


GG to Jinrai and Mahir

and congrats to Will , at first I was worried we had to take out some good players

then I realized that bbt is better than winning


Congratulations Will. WHAT A BEAST!

Thanks for the bbt.

And Angry Black, stop using ken and keep using urien!!!


Yeah man, holy crap do you 3S players suck… you guys were eating everything I could throw at you yesterday! Just kidding of course – thanks again guys. One for the books.


haha i said i’d quit till ECC, i have to keep my promise :slight_smile:


let me press start for everybody who got slit by will.


Good job edmonton, too bad I wasn’t here however haha. Pure white power rep that shit will. No JS, no myself… cvs2 was down to a third of team stc’s usual tournament power haha, oh well back to the sun and beers…


ya i guess its time to move on from ken


Ken and Makoto? Man Wil was cheat’n.:lol: Sounds like I missed yet another great tourney. I love the teams used in CvS too.

A groove Bison, Geese rules here too and then its my P groove Chang,Vega,Geese. I bet Chun in A is pretty scary too though.



you’re a fucking retard. His hibiki and athena suck.


How about you calm the fuck down and stop pretending like you are the fucking man around there. Keep eating Doritos and playin games all the time and stop being a tough guy on internet forums.

When did i mention Athena?


he’s just bitter cuz he lost to a gimmick player. i was too, for a while, when mahir got lucky against me. then i realised im not some video game fag that can devote 24/7 to joysticks (plastic or otherwise). then again this toronto fag sounds pretty anal, so i doubt he can say the same… about having a life, that is. so i guess he has a right to be a bitter fuck


wow…wowewow wow thats crazy.


How is he acting like “he’s the fucking man” ??
And he’s right, his hibiki is basic as fuck. Probably why he didnt even use her in the finals.