EEEEEEEK! Evo west is on the same date as San Diego Comic con!

Weaksauce…couldnt you guys have evo west the week before?..or have Evo West held at comic con…HMMMMMMMMM

Sounds like a lot less Guilty Gear players at evo west :smiley:

I don’t think anybody will be complaining about that.

Oh shit, I have to go to McDonald’s to get a big ass sandwich that week, so I can’t go to Evo… FUCK. Maybe you should move the date?

if you have to decide between these two events…remove ur balls and give em to reset.

srk is binded to contract. they cannot change and was planned a long time ago

yeah…I know the thread is silly…just didnt realize it…I guess EVO world for me instead of west…:frowning:

Thanks for not ripping on me so hard lol

whoa whoa whoa, not so fast, I just got here.

Honestly, just for posting this thread, you shouldn’t go to any Evos. You honestly are on another level. Not afraid of showing the world how gay you are, and that the only time you get to talk to a girl, is a comic con girl passing out flyers for a new anime.

Listen, just go Comic con. Trust me when I say, there won’t be any shed tears if your gay ass isn’t at evo. No one’s going to ask where’s Rodswallower? He’s not here, he’s at Comic con with his sister/mother (doesn’t mean he’s there with his sister AND mother). NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Attention, all Evo events will be on hold until Rodgagger makes it back.

You should make friends with Duc. Jr.


hmm going to the largest comic con in the USA, that has a turnout of 10X that of Evo Worlds, with comics, anime, wrestling, swords, actors and actresses, and oh yeah, didn’t they have a SF2T tournament last year which Watson won?

Or going to a pitiful evo west? yeah. Hardchoice there.

comic con is cool if you like being surrounded by tons of people trying to trick you into buying useless shit

also interviews promos screeners things you can see online useless crap

evos have TOP PLAYERS

I wish I was your friend. But I make it a rule that I don’t allow myself hang out with people of the faggish sexual orientation. Sorry. Maybe in a different life, we could’ve been best pals.

Evo has mad angry Marvel players. Comic Con doesn’t. Evo is the clear choice.

wrestlers and swords. hahahahaahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahha.
yea go to comic con, maybe you can holla at rosario dawson and have a beer with spike from buffy! :tup:

So…see a bunch of dudes play marvel…or at least have geeky girls around and hot booth girls around me…choices…oh well…if there is a ST tourney held at con this year at least i know that all the pros will be playing at Evo…easy pickings lol…


enlighten me again, how many girls are going to evo west and how many are going to the comic con?

You might have a point if it weren’t for the fact that you’re going to a video game tournament… yeah, how uncool of me :rolleyes:

you don’t have a chance in hell with the ‘booth babes’. At least u could probably fuck one of the marvel players.

Honestly, the girls that go to comic con either look like guys or are serial killers. And I only hang out with cool people (read, marvel players) at Evo. I don’t chill with CvS2 or GG or Tekken or Shove It In My Ass players.

And I hope one of those wrestlers stabs you with one of those swords.

Hey, I think the bigger concern is that Evo West is the same week as my family reunion… :sad:

This alone shows why you need to go SDCC. Besides, it was featured on Entourage…

I’m going to try to hit up both. I’ve always wanted to go to SDCC, and had tickets to that first. =P