EEYAH: headbutt properties

ok since i made a small correction in the alex forum, people have been discussing headbutt there instead of here which is silly.

i thought only the LP version of headbutt was considered airborn instantly, but apparently MP and HP are too.

so whats so good abouta move thats aerial instantly?

it will immediately fuck up a recombo into another unblockable (SUPER FUCKING USEFUL vs oro sa2, and generally the reason why its prefered to use sa3 against urien, even though hes corner crossable).

if someone relies primarily on a grounded hit into a juggle move, this will not only make it much more difficult for them to properly hitconfirm, it will outright invalidate combos and sometimes the trade IS to your advantage even if you trade with the headbutt (vs akuma for example, its probably better to be at mid range than in the corner eating pressure all the time).

alex’s back HP still hits urien out of headbutt, for some reason, im unsure if senior citizen suplex (aka oro’s hcb+P) will throw him out of it.

if someone isnt used to someone reversal headbutting, they might blindly hitconfirm into a super (see, Rikimaru vs RX, no im not telling you how lol), and you will get a free combo.

also i wish urien still said DIE when he does headbutt like he did in 2I :T

Yep, Oro’s command throw will stuff a reversal lp headbutt on wakeup. It’s good to know that I can drum all 3 punches when trying to headbutt out of an unblockable. I always assumed it had to be jab headbutt. Good find Billy Kane! :party:

so are there any good wakeup options against alex and oro?

you can…

you know…


forgot about that one :lovin: