Effectively using hcb+K throw in battle

Sup Yun forums,

I’m just starting to learn Yun with SA3 and I’m having trouble doingdamage when close up. I resort to qcb+p to make some distance and whatnot. Also some d+HK,HK or d+HP stuff (i’m using kao megura’s notation).

I want to use the hcb+K throw because it’s guaranteed and i think you can do super after it? I just wanted to know some effective ways of when and when not to use it. Also some setups to get started with?


not too safe/useful…

maybe you can do SA3 after but its probably a bad idea cause damage will be reduced … just do c.(mp/mk) XX qcf+P , or , character dependent, s.mk (close launcher) XX SJ, j.rh…

no, you can’t sa3 after the command grab. not even the lp, lk, mp link.

when to use the command grab :

  • when you have genei jin activated, to start a combo.
  • dive kick right in front of the guy, then command grab. doesn’t catch them very often though
  • knockdown, walk up, whiff s.mp, command grab.
  • there’s tons of other setups for it. just experiment

when NOT to use the command grab :

  • when your dive kick was just blocked
  • when your opponent KNOWS that you’re gonna do it

actually, yes you can.

On characters like makoto, chun li, dudley, Q, bla, you can command grab, and chain into the super.

really lol i guess i play too many shotos in my area - havent actually tried it on those characters. thanks for the correction

yeah, also use Command Grab right after “Cross-over” dive kick. Cross over dive kick is usually the HK dive kick. People will get scared when they are crossed… lol