Effectiveness of crouching fierce as anti air and forward jump MK

After watching a replay today, I saw a Chun using jumping MK when facing air to air and also crouching fierce as anti air and worked pretty well. I was wondering how effective this is during battle compared to her better anti airs (standing fierce, air throw, double fierce in the air) and if anyone else uses them in her game and why?
Glad to hear some feedback, Thanks.

I think cr.FP is underrated as anti air. I know for sure I use it versus Dudley, Zang, Cody and few others that my go to AA’s don’t work on. I still have a tough time landing df.lk as AA since the range is so short.

Hate to be the thread police but there’s a thread for this stuff already.


I LOVE that you’re the thread police. Keep it up. :tup:

oh okay im pretty new to the forum, i didnt know that, i guess its good to close thread