Effects of Lag

I’ve found a couple really annoying things of late. I don’t know if something has changed in SF4 compared to ST, my execution sucks, or what.

  1. People online when they spam dragon punch, half the time i can’t punish because when I do, i just get hit with the following DP. I test it in training mode and stuff works fine.

  2. doing a DP or a move on reaction. For instance, if Abel does his wheel kick thing or Balrog dash punches from across the screen. I see it coming so I block, DP, Lariat, etc whatever. However, it catches me every single time even if I block - even as soon as i see the animation start, I still get hit with it.

  3. Does lag effect your ability to link?

I’m not a good player by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d still like to know what I"m doing right and wrong - even if it’s not working online.

Thanks in advance.


La La La!

Yes, that is the limitations of online. Links are hard to do if you are doing it off visual confirmation. If it lags during the link, it might not link as it can delay your inputs.

DP on reaction, also much harder. Hell, blocking on reaction is harder. If its laggy, people usually have a hard time just blocking fireballs when they are walking forward.

Find games with 4 bars+ and it won’t be as annoying.

Are you sure you don’t have TV lag also? If you do have input lag + online lag = practically unplayable. You can at least control TV lag. Check Tech Talk forum for TV lag info.

oh yea theres something called combo breakers
its when your doing ur combo strings and the other guy spams DP or lariat
thats the best part of online play, knowing that if ur timing is off ur gonna eat it