Eff'n Turbo - How Does it Work?


What does teh “Turbo” function on a controller do?


Rapidly input the same button over and over and over again. This is very useful in schmups in order to continually fire your weapon without having to keep tapping the button. Some later schmups have this function built into their game, but even them, sometimes it’s slower than actually pressing the button.

It can also be used in fighting games to varying effect. All use of turbos in a tournament are banned and is used by scrubs.


What could you possibly use it for? Wouldn’t that be only good for things like Simple Mode Marvel?


They’re good for mashed moves, like lightning legs or hundred-hand slap. Some people just can’t control it, won’t bother learning how to control it, so turbo here we go.


Controllers with Turbo function are fine at tournaments, though, as long as you don’t use it, right?


Correct. For example, all mad catz TE sticks have the turbo function but actually turning it on and using it is banned