Efl: Hyper fighting edition results! 02-28-09


  1. Smilez
  2. Egg
  3. Emerald Panther


  1. Recon
  2. Halfro
  3. Tage*Proto


  1. Halfro
  2. Baka-blue
  3. Lethargy


  1. Flood
  2. SDSG
  3. Handsome Tim


  1. Tage*Proto
  2. KLT
  3. Ferdie

Big thanks to the out of state players that showed! It was a great tournament and we will have vids up soon!


Fun stuff as usual. Really solid finals in HDR and can’t wait for the pics and vids!

:shake: Fuck, thought you guys held a Hyper Fighting tourney. :shake:

Man, that was so fun.


Sorry man, every tournament needs a name and that one sounded like a good one. hahaha!

Turner! When did you move to Colorado? Glad to see you’re still a killer. :tup:

AWESOME tourny, turn out, venue, hype vid, and players … thanx to everyone that showed especially you out of state peeps :slight_smile: see you at the next one

Dood is fucking raw. Took out two of our top players. Took me out too haha. Fuck a Ken.