EFNet #mugen vs. Sorcery.net #mrev - Megaman 7 Online Tournament Results

It only took three days to finish. The full results are:

1st: KyoDaChef
2nd: LegatoB
3rd: X-Ray Cat
4th: Tenshin
5th: Eli

6th: VitalZero
6th: TRAC / kaddet
8th: Shin-DIO
8th: Cadicle
8th: Titiln
11th: VinceJ20
11th: Shadow Watcher
11th: Goku-X / RubedJ
11th: kenmastersX
15th: ShoShingo
15th: Sopitas

Sopitas and Sho were disqualified for quitting. There are .zmv format replays of most of the fights in the tournament. I’ll post a URL to them as soon as I get someone to host them. Best spontaneous tournament… ever.

http://www.angelfire.com/ct3/tenjirou/tourneymain.html <-- For the rules, movelist, and the tournament bracket.

i honestly cant believe this shit is posted here… :confused: