EG article: A closer look at SFxT

Hey, just wanted to link you guys an article I wrote for Evil Geniuses regarding SFxT. Just a general breakdown and analysis of the game while I make small comparisons to SF4 and previous FG tendencies when a new game comes out. Not really new info here, but if you’re still back and forth about buying the game, or just can’t decide if you like it, might be a good read for you.

Regardless, just let me know what you guys think and if you like seeing these kinds of articles from EG in the future.


Nice writeup. Though the infinites are not really a problem for tournaments, since it’s easy to just introduce a generic max reps rule (which they admittedly forgot to do for the CC 2v2 event).

new link for that article:

and new article about 2013 with Ricky Ortiz: