EGGNOG EXPRE3S + Invite to new players!


Hey everyone. Let Blood Run is coming up this coming week, so we’re organizing a tournament in celebration of him dropping back.

The tournament format is as follows:

Date: December 23rd, 2010
Location: Sunnyvale Golfland
Time: Signups at 6, tournament start at 7

  • 2 versus 2
  • RANDOM teams
  • Waseda style - Player A on team 1 vs Player A on team two, then Player B on team 1 vs Player B on team
  • Best of one matches [time constraints, unless winter hours include closing at midnight]
  • Entry fee is $2.00 per person
  • Double Elimination

We’ll be randomly selecting the teams, so expect some messy ass action. The winning team will be receiving a prize along with 70% of the pot. The entry fee is low since well, we’re holding it because we actually like the game.

We’ve got some of the best of the norcal 3s players confirmed for this event, including Emphy, Ricky O, Let Blood Run, and Sebass. Expect some high level play from this tounrament, spectators are welcome!

We’re also inviting any new players interested in 3s to come and join us! We’ve traditionally have always had a small 3s community up here in norcal, and even with the advent of SF4 and other games, we’re still been going strong. With this in mind, we’re always down to teach interested players in the finer points of this game, so if you’re even relatively interested in learning some of it, feel free to come by!

If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or better yet, ask them in person at the tournament!




Whoops, edited that, thanks.

Time will be determined shortly, but for now at least a date has been set.


I love messy ass action! Will be fun!


I’m scared for the team that gets stuck with me


party time


i’m in there. good shit for this rom.


3S and CVS2 for Life!


what time???


This sounds fun! Depending on when it starts I’ll try my best to make it!




Woooo~ should I…should I…isn’t there like a nudie bar near this spot? Destiny decided.


What’s this about new players, hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Is that post-tourney stuff, or what?


I believe there is nudie bar down the street by Carl’s Junior


Naw, just a good time to come play with some strong cats. If you need help or whatever there will be tons of good players to ask. Tis the season my niggy. Also there will prolly be partying after.


Random teams help everyone have a good time. Tis the season for games, friends, booze, and partyin

Rom. You should put a start time since it’s 2 dAys away. Maybe signups 6, tourney 7?


i’m going to be at svgl tonite from like 6-8 for some pre eggnogg fun/practice session if anyone is down. hope to see u all.


finally 3s fun im in!!


sign ups 6, tournament at 7 like ryan suggested


CVS2! (is that thing fixed at svgl yet or what…)