Eggs and Dumps


So I’ve been thinking: See, almost every morning, I’ve had one egg as part of breakfast. And almost every morning, I have to take a big, soft dump. Don’t get me wrong, its a really satisfying dump. But I wonder if one egg can be the cultprit of a dump. Because I don’t think I ever make quite a dump like that on mornings when I skip the egg. Are eggs really high in fiber? By the way, the egg I consume is usually a cage-free egg, if that makes any difference.


isn’t this your, like, 15th shit thread in a month?


I eat 6 whole eggs every morning. Also, shitting often is good. I’d be more worried if you shat like once a day.


thank you for clearing that up, at first I thought you didn’t enjoy the dump


I need to start eating eggs, you make your bowel movement seem song worthy.


Be a man, BeGuiled

five dozen eggs



My mom tells me its actually normal to shit daily.

I think she’s weird.




Stop eating them fake Chinese eggs
(This is real)


I dont think there is any fiber, just protein(white) and fats(yolk) However the yolk is high in biotin and thats not very common…

–as for your question…your system is probably just used to the egg as a routine food, so when you skip the egg, it throws your regularity,
or as you say, “dump” off.


Shitting is a pleasure of the Gods.


yunno what else the egg is high in?
as a matter of fact, 1 egg has as much cholestoral as 4 full servings of steak.

what that means is that an egg is essentially a heart attack wrapped up in a shell.

shit is more dangerous than a freakin grenade!

btw, its only the yellow yolk that is high in cholestoral…the white/clear part has 0% cholestoral.
try eating just the white/clear part.

eggs are bad m’kay.


Damnit. I forgot to post the link in my earlier post. Yeah ,fake eggs taste better than real eggs. :tup:


Yea you can buy quarts of just the whites too, they are good but I gotta have a little yolky goodness now and then.


You should start a poop journal.
I keep track of what I eat and what I poop.
All you need is good quality journal, a writing implement and one of those children’s beach toy sets (pail, small spade) for sifting through your poop.

Ever since I started paying close attention to what comes out of me I’ve been finding all sorts of interesting things: Bits of wood, coins, the odd tooth.
Now everyday poops are an adventure!


i reallllllly wanna make this entire thing my sig


eggs take too long to digest for me, like 2 hours after I eat one. typically, I always take a painful smelly dump at work.  <span style=“font-family: ‘lucida grande’, ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, tahoma, sans-serif; line-height: 1.7em;”>even if i go ham on pumping some iron, my metabolism can never speed up the process with eggs. </span>


If you want fiber, eat strawberries. I’ve heard they’re packed with fiber.


fucker bumped this thread and I saw Manx and was like “OH shit!” Manx is back, cool. Then I saw his post was from 11 months ago. What in the fuck are you doing necro’ing this shit for? To say you take smelly shits and “pump iron”?  <div><br></div><div>Really?</div>


the two shittiest trolls are working together now
<br><br>or were they the same guy all along