EGM Rumor Mill.....SF4 Coming Soon?

I know how everybody hates rumors but what can you do…


Latest EGM Rumors - Marvel Nemesis 2, Street Fighter 4, King of fighters
The latest rumor section of Electronic Gaming Magazine have new rumors on announced and un-announced titles.

Capcom close to announcing Street Fighter 4. Our best bet is that, this game will be for consoles including the wii. Electronic Arts(EA) is making 2 fighting games. One of them is Marvel Nemesis 2 which is rumored to be in 3D and will have dark and gritty like Gears Of War . Mortal Kombat sequel, EGM does not specify if this rumor is the already public known next gen Mortal Kombat game for consoles or another new Mortal Kombat game. And finally, New King of Fighters game is heading for the arcades with console releasing following.

fuck off

I’d bet the KOFXII rumors ARE TRUE…

But as far as SF4…eh…we gotta wait…and many have given up hope…but where theres Seth Killian…there’s hope!!!

Haha, maybe… :bgrin:

And I’ve been believing SF4 was gonna be this or next year, maybe E3 in a couple weeks?

why did this make me lol so hard:rofl::rofl:

remember : you never know until its true

and yes the KOF saga still rages on

Dude… nobody excapes POLARITY… The guy gets everybody at least once… LOL… He’s funny as hell.

What happens if you reverse the polarity?


Oh no. Here we go again…:xeye:

Marvel Nemesis 2 isn’t a rumor… that was announced like a year ago. :rofl:

Dang EGM…

is that how chun looks in HD remix? they need to fix the tears it looks like semen pouring from her eyes

This is the dumbest rumour I’ve ever heard. Capcom are close to anouncing Street Fighter 4 lol…

“Oh yeah EGM, we’re not anouncing SF4 this week, but maybe next week okay?”

Nuff said…

PsychoSquall colored it in, it’s still black and white.

Well, EGM did have a rumor about ST HD… Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

next gen MK is old news also…

…KoF is old. The news, that is. Still waiting for the screens :slight_smile:

Is that the whole article? It’s unconvincingly short.

Hitaro0 -

EGM Rumor Mill articles are just a few sentence snippets. They don’t devote an entire page or anything to Rumors, just a sidebar with a couple sentences.

Supposably, SF4 is suppose to be on the Wii and be released in conjunction with the NEW Street Fighter Movie. HOPEFULLY its not another terrible movie game… hopefully…


Zero195 brings up a good point. Since a new SF movie is being made, its very likely we could get a new SF game to compliment it. Though maybe thats what they made SF 2 HD for.