Egret 3 Panel Templates


OK. I’ve been perusing this site for a while, but never registered/posted before. Never had much of a reason to - I’m more of a casual, every now-and-then player when it comes to fighters. However, I’m in need of a bit of help.

I’m a graphic designer, and was recently approached for work designing artwork for a few Egret 3 cabinets. What I need, are templates - mainly for the side art panels, coin panel and instruction panel. Client already provided a template for the stick(s), but I can’t seem to find anything for the rest of the cabinet. This isn’t my first time working on an arcade cabinet, but it is the first time working on something outside of the CP and marquee.

I’ve searched around a bit, but can’t find anything that isn’t the CP.

At the very least, I need the proper dimensions for the different panels, give or take a few millimeters for bleed. Though, a simple template can go a long way, especially for the side art.

So, what I need are dimensions for:

Instruction Panel
Coin Mech Panel
Side Panels

And possibly the marquee, though it isn’t listed in the request.

Any help I can get is greatly appreciated!


If it will help, I found this link at arcade otaku. You might also want to look up the Egret 2, since there were a few more resources on that page (not to mention a side art sample that looked like it was vector based), and it didn’t look like the 3 is cosmetically much different from the 2.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for that! I got the dimensions I could from it, and e-mailed the client to see if he could verify. Hopefully they aren’t too different.


You probably get a better response at arcadeotaku,, or

In neo-geo forums there is a guy name bigtime, he sells repro stuff. You can ask him to see if he has the dimensions.

Also, i believe the sitdown version of Atomiswave should be the same dimensions as the Egret3, its the same cab just different color artwork.