EG's 2v2 SSF4 Battle Royale 2 featuring Juicebox! - Online PS3 - July 2, 2010

The Epileptic Gaming Community presents: EG’s 2v2 SSF4 Battle Royale 2

We are starting the Online SSF4 PS3 tournament right after the show Epileptic Gaming on djWHEAT?|??? so make sure to register before the show ends.

*This is run by the EG community and not the show hosts, so if we screw up don’t blame them lol

  • Team Captains Register here by posting your Team Name and the names of your teammates also your PSN ID’s.

*Stream: djWHEAT?|??? or djWHEAT on USTREAM

I will also be taking registration during the show so just PM Rm519 or Valkerion in the Ustream channel if you still need to register.

D370X will be providing play by play commentary on the stream.

Make sure to be in the stream channel about 6:30PM PST because that’s when we will be announcing the match-ups and bracket information.

Here’s a recording of the grand finals of the previous 2v2 tournament so you know what to expect. Grand Finals AxeSense and Scunsion vs Mark and Con Queso, Rose and Sagat vs Adon and Sakura djWHEAT on USTREAM.


  • Teams must be registered by 7/02/10 6pm PST (9pm EST) to participate
  • Registration is FREE
  • Each team must be composed of 2 members
  • Each team can only have 1 of each character. No duplicates!
  • Players must stick with their selected character throughout the entirety of the tournament
  • Player order is set up on your own choice
  • Sets are done Pokemon style: Winning player moves on to face next team’s player until both players of a team are defeated
  • 99 second rounds, best of 3 rounds, no handicap, no macros, no turbo
  • Double elimination tournament: When teams are defeated for the 1st time, they are sent to a losers’ bracket, after the 2nd loss they are eliminated
  • Grand Finals will be 3/5 rounds
  • We are working on prizes for the winners but mostly this will be to have fun and get to know new people.

Hey juicebox, want to team up with me? :]

Ill be at work so Morty is teaming with Juicebox.
psn: Sao_87

Team Name - Drunk Random Ultras
Cap’n - Dannyk88
PSN dannyk88

Looking for a good player too offset my nubbishness :smiley:

you guys aint ready for this

I’m down.

I want to participate, my PS3 name is SCOTLAND_GOD. Im very good.

o yeah i had a blast last time!

Wanna team up?



my PSN:porkloafking and teammate PERFECTLEGEND whose psn is : xperfectlegendx

lol. Sure Ted. Message me if you want some matches beforehand. PSN: warmcupofjoe

can european players also participate? i was wondering about lag issues…

yeah im from scotland and ive played the lag can be awful but its still fun

yea cause eastcoast is ok but westcoast is really laggy

Unfortunately this time I have decided not include euro players due to the complications in connections.
It has caused unnecessary delays in past tournaments and I really don’t want to deal with it this time.
Please choose your teammates wisely because I will not allow substitution this time, if you or your partner are unable to be contacted/ cant play when your team is up, then the team will automatically take the loss after 10min.
I have 6 teams registered so far and I’m capping the tournament to max 16 teams
Teams Registered so far (Some teams haven’t sent a team name to me yet so I just put their player names)

175 Roses - RmVXIX, Valkerion
Juicebox and Sao - Sao_87, Juicebox
No You! - FlungDungFar, canhasurface
Team Sonic “GIMME THE CHOCOLATE” boobs - warmcupofjoe, MiyaviTeddy
THE VORTEX - porkloafking, xperfectlegendx
vest and 101 - djVest, Hugo1O1

Team name- WTF BOMBS

My psn - Igotdembombs
Ma boi Billis’ psn - Wtfyornotazn

Team name: Fight Money

Psn names: gohper, FinalMixPlus

PS. When exactly is this going down? I don’t see a definitive answer.

6:30pm pst

Can my friend and I use the same psn name??? My friends and I probably will have some casual going as well before and after. No point of going back to our houses and wait for this . His internet is pretty laggy anyway.

Dude not cool.