EG's 2v2 SSF4 Battle Royale 2 featuring Juicebox! PS3 Online Results

I wanna thank everyone that watched and participated in the tournament, we had a great turnout and hope we get even more people next time!
Also thanks to D370X for the great commentary and Juicebox and HAV’s team for putting on an amazing match at the end, thanks for coming guys!


1: NJ/DE (MagnetoManiac + i-iav)
2: Juicebox and Morty (Morty_Seinfeld + Juicebox_Abel)
3: 175 Roses (Rm519 + Valkerion)
4: WTF BOMBS (Igotdembombs + Wtfyornotazn)
5: No You! (FlungDungFar + canhasurface)
5: One Two Punch! (Twoinches + Cry1ng_W01f_)
7: Team Sonic “GIMME THE CHOCOLATE” boobs (warmcupofjoe + MiyaviTeddy)
7: Fight money (Gohper + finalmixplus)
9: Cleveland Westside Market Shankdown (i208khonsu + Tender_Lov3r)

Check out the Media Stream at djWHEAT on USTREAM: Hundreds of gamers are flocking to the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, for a three-day gaming event of epic proportions… for matches


Good shit guys.

NJ/DE all day!!!