EGS/Rochester, NY Area Players Thread ( December 2003 )

Well, it is now December. People are scarce due to playing FFXI and the other big titles that hit stores ths past month.

On another note, I hope the EGS weekly tournaments turn out well considering the fact there aren’t many fighters, so that should attract more people. Dippy, is the main fighter going to be Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance? :lol:

MK : DA - isn’t that broken?
Anyone see the super mario brothers 3 11 minute run? It’s sick cause he keeps the P charge going even after going through doors and such. The bowser castle 1up wall pass was great wonder why i never thought of that.

MK: Deadly Alliance is a broken game. I have a 3 hit combo that does about 24-25% damage with Kung Lao. Funny part is the 3rd hit doesn’t actually make contact with my opponent’s body, but the game registers it as a hit most of the time. :lol: I know Dippy is looking for a game that will cause casual players to want to play and Mortal Kombat is played by a lot of casual people and so is Dead or Alive 2 & 3 ( note the fact I did not mention DOA 1 since that game’s engine is deeper than DOA 2 & 3 ). :slight_smile:

I used to have a Mario 3 Super play movie, but it wasn’t the 11 minute version. I backed up the ridiculous Mario 1 Super Play movie since it is quite funny to watch. I also have a Megaman 2 Super Play video that is quite hilarious as well. I’m definitely backing up the Megaman 2 vid since I am gonna use it to improve myself in that game since I love the game so much. :lol:

heh megaman.

AKDD : If gunbound ever makes it back to your playtime (considering ffxi), you may hate the changes that they brought forth today. All avatar items become point based instead of percent based. This means 18 points into delay is not .6% * 18 but you get 18 points less delay. lightning’s second shot ~830 with the new rules 812, This is pretty crappy. This makes avatars for looks and gives you a very very slight advantage over other ppl. Other changes, you can buy avatars with cash, and some small changes here and there.

MK : DA - it was just so random, you had to know the character in order to block them. I has having a hard enough time trying to block sonya’s kick cause it took enough time to figure out mid=high and she kicks 3 times low mid high. I liked reptile and scorpion =p.

Stefen went into great detail about FFXI over the Thanksgiving weekend. That basically did it for me. I MUST have this game. I’m in the process of building a computer as we speak. I have about $600 to work with. Anyone have reccomendations for motherboards? I’m currently looking at this:

The Mario 3 movie was crazy. The way he was jumping off of the cannonballs just to rack up 1-ups was great.

Woot, got my samurai and started my dark knight quest, other locals are ahead me of, Hong is dragoon and Wilson is bard and part time paladin. He plays support classes and actually goes around just looking for people to raise. Hides his info tho cuz the spam for a WHM would be unbearable. Can’t wait to get my new jobs going.

A Japanese guy that I partied with a while back brought his high level Pally to do my quest with me. It was so incredibly nice of him (and Pally has sweet skills). Maybe I can do that one day. We’d get aggro’d by multiple enemies and he would provoke/cure them off me while fighting another monster, shield bash before gobs could drop bombs (stuns them), and countless other slick little moves I saw when I was getting killed and he was saving my ass. :lol:

Hey everyone guess what I’m not dead. How many people are in FFXI now? hopefully i can see people when i get back to rochester in the near possible future, hope everyone had a good vacation.

Can someone post a link for that Super Mario vid. Me want to see it.

ebaumsworld so it might be a little slow but its like 18megs. I got mine off of dc for about 700k/s =D.

But i guess you can just search for the filename on google or something.

Knock, knock?
Who’s there?
Me! :evil:

My PC has been in the shop after Windows XP faulted/crashed on me, & when I tried to use my recovery discs, …I might have well stuck an Eggo waffle in my CD drive :rolleyes: .
Best Buy got real recovery discs straight from Compaq & restored everything for me. So things are back and (sort of) running here @ Bad Karma Studios, still need to finish updating some software for the video studio though.

It may interest some that I am actually playing a RPG @ the moment (& pretty intensely),
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox.
My character, Tai-Bo Jim, is already a padawan,
the force is strong with him ;).

Bluemace, DOA deeper than
DOA2 (or 3)?
Can’t say I agree with that.

Grifter, watch the Low Ki tape yet?

Hopefully I’ll catch you guys @ the next EGS :slight_smile:

-Bad Karma-

Some random guy showed up last night at EGS and played some GGXX. He played a decent Eddie and Johnny. John was actually too lazy to break out the cabinets, so we used the Evanstick v2.0 and a pad. w00tsauce. Buffalo Smash tourney on Saturday. Steve or I are both going and I’ll be damned if one of us doesn’t come home with that GBA SP. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kupo kupo…kupo…kupopopoooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~

BM : the megaman 2 video is that the <29 minute run? If so then wow, just wow.

p.s. I like the bubbleman level noclip thing he does.

MCC staff

Zack/Joe/Dwan(I am not going to ask Terrence cuz I know he love that shit and the ans will be; you bet!!), are guys getting KOF2k3 when is out for the PS2(soon I hope)?. I had read a few articles and post msgs and people is saying that this Kof will be the best one out the bunch; The Gameplay(you can now tag Team a la MVC2… Interesting!! Heh) and Graphics (Thanks to Sammy’s Autowave Dev. kit) are suppost to be innovative and much better looking than be4 (Those Graphics are looking really nice I can wait to see a vidz of it. I had oly seen pics to this date. Where are the danm vidz? Haven’t find any yet(if some know were can I find some vidz share those links with me… heh). I am just hoping they will release it a few moth after the release of the final version for the Arcades…

Well, as soom as I find some vidz I’ll post them. Untill then, Peace out…

GASP!!! youre kidding me kim is off the kof2k3 lineup!!!
Well at least K’ is still there.
Looks like there’s a svc rom out there if anyone is interested in emulating it.
Sorry LMC no videos of kof2k3 yet that I can find, but there were metal slug 5 videos around, can’t wait until I can play that game =D.

KOF2k3 is just being released in arcade this month. Don’t expect a PS2 release any time soon.

And it’s not on Sammy’s hardware so it’s looking no better than 2k2. I’m looking forward to it tho.

Jon: That Fujita match is the best one I saw so far, mostly thanks to Fujita. Tajiri squashing him was great too cuz Tajiri is great. Want it back?

GGXX tonight?

By tonight did you mean Friday or Saturday since the time of your last post is shortly after midnight… If it’s Saturday, I’m down.

PC or console?
Where did you see it Ron?
Thanks for the info :slight_smile: .

-Bad Karma-

Sure, give me the tape next time we see each other. Fujita is great isn’t he? He was trained a lot by Taijiri & even had a small role in ECW for a little while.
I personally liked the opening Ladder Match between Xavier & Low Ki, just too stiff to be anything but good.

If you guys are playing some XX, give me a call (if it was Saturday that was being talked about), I just might be able to make it. Not saying I’ll win a single match, but @ least I can supply my MAS for use.

-Bad Karma-