Eight on the Break: Marvel results

I dunno if anyone was gonna make a thread for this so i decided to since im bored.

1st - Josh Wigfall (NY) - MSP,MSS
2nd - Shawn Morgan (NJ) - SSCap, MSS, MSP
3rd - Rashaan (org) (NY) - SSCable?, Row
4th - Liston (NY) - Row
5th - Law ( NY) - Sent/strider/doom, msp
- Ed the head (NY) - Whatever the fuck he plays

word good shit to everyone thanks for coming

losers finals - 3-2 me
grand finals - 4-3, 4-3


hell ya Shawn takin niggaz shoes :clap: show um who da boss :tup:

Damn i didnt know bout this tournament,
ya dont holla at me?,lol Good shit Nyc

good shit everyone, sorry i couldnt make it.

We coming to the next one.

i had fun. good shit pple.

So i got a reason to go to the break now brandon? haha

brandon’s gonna wavedash at you all day with juggs

Yea, you gonna get juggy all in your face. Hmm, maybe thanos can rain on you with space rocks.


good shit young paris

NYC and NJ need to come to the next philly tournament. I’m calling out both of them because we show up to their tournaments and they never show up to ours. Are you guys scared or something? Philly’s calling you guys out, so man up biat*! :badboy:

up sucks with them horrible sticks. Unless you talking about the console jump offs…

You can’t even talk because those pac man sticks you guys have are 100%, Grade A garbage.

Lemme find out Ed’s NYC…

i liked philly tourneys, but i stopped going bc

a) someone always got byes to the semifinals while everyone else had to play out all their matches

b) no parking

c) i’m still pissed about the time i got 2nd in a 28 person $10 entry fee tournament and eric said there’s no prize money for 2nd because you need 32 people to have prize money for 2nd. so first place (person from a too!) got $280 for 1st and $0 for 2nd, c’mon now

Right? lol he lives in NJ but he reps NY on the low =p

I feel ya, but things have changed now.