Eightarc Drone fight stick customisation

Hello all am new here to the forums, I have a small question about customizing the eightarc drone for ps4, is it possible to use a hori hayabusa joystick with 5-pin to 5-pin connector also I don’t know the size of the stock buttons that eightarc uses I would like to replace them with the same size buttons but sanwa. I know Sanwa makes concave buttons but do they make convex buttons.

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  1. Joystick-wise, if it uses a 5-pin connector, you can use any Sanwa, Seimitsu or Hori joystick that also uses a 5-pin connector.

  2. All Japanese-style arcade sticks use 30mm buttons as the main face buttons.

  3. No one makes concave buttons other than Happ/IL. Sanwa, Seimitsu, Hori, etc etc all make convex buttons.