Eightarc Fusion fight stick LED Mod Help

Hey SRK,

I have an Eightarc Fusion fight stick I bought a few months back and I am interested in modding the buttons and the joystick to have LED output. Yes, I have already used the search bar for this and I am pretty sure it’s out there somewhere, but for the love of god, I am not going to go page by page trying to find it either. Also, I just need to know the tools and parts I need so I can mod my fight stick. I don’t know if they require different parts than a TE led mod or so on and so forth. Links would help. Tutorial, trusted place to buy the parts, etc.

Thanks a lot and for not flaming (hopefully) T_T



But the L2/LT and R2/RT will require extra work to make work correct.

Free_Halite, I would VERY highly recommend you hire a veteran modder to do the work for you. The triggers may cause you some difficulty that none of us have been able to fully explore; if you get a pro to do it, then they’ll be able to do the proper troubleshooting so we can get a firm solution for it before sending it back.

Thanks for the help from both of you. It’s greatly appreciated. I was hoping to try this out myself, but I think you’re right, Toodles :confused: it would be better for me to get a modder to do it for me instead of me risking anything. I would love to learn how mod sticks myself so I can be the go-to guy for my local fighting community, but that would require taking the risks and a lot of studying even before that. Thanks again!

One page on how to get a simpler LED button light up started. VCC on the eightarc would come from the red wire where the USB is soldered to the PCB.