Eightarc Fusion stick for SFV not working?

I apologize if this type of thread already exist, but I could not find one here. I have an Eightarc Fusion stick that works with PC/PS3/XBOX and have played USF4 for about 2-3 years. I recently made a new computer and was excited to play SFV for the first time. However, my stick does not register with SFV. I did some research on this and it seems like people are saying AntiMicro freeware works… but no longer exists. Joytokey is a shareware and I do not want to download a trial version… or know if it really works. I dont know if anyone else is having an issue with their old arcade stick. I know there is a list of sticks that works with SFV but apparently Eightarc only works with another software that helps input its buttons into the game. I really do not want to buy another stick… and I also do not know if Brooks converter works without input lag. I will never buy another eightarc/quanba stick again.

Okay long story short.

Unlike the PS4 version of SFV, for the PC version you got to use this stupid Microsoft propitiatory device API called Xinput for controls (its apart of Direct X since Direct X 10)
And you need a controller that is Xinput compatible for Xinput games.

About adapters. All converters scientifically add some sort of latency, as everything going though a process add latency.
Now I have to say the Brook Converters add only a minimum amount of Latency, so you should not perceive any lag.

Did you try your Eight Arc stick in Xbox 360 mode instead of PC/PS3 Mode?

As for additional software, I never liked the idea of recommending additional software as I personally like to have the least amount of background processes working in the background.
There are quite a few options for software if you want your stick to work for what ever game.
You could even bind your sticks’s input to keyboard keys with a 3rd party software which gets around the Xinput requirements.
Which also works with older games, emulators and even some flash/web games.

I’m sorry, I am not really understanding what you are saying. I understand that the arcade stick needs Xinput for controls… but what are the ways to bypass this besides buying a brook converter?

The Eightarc fusion is xinput compatible with the Xbox 360 controller drivers installed. If you haven’t installed the Microsoft drivers, download them from the Microsoft website (64 or 32 bit depending on your OS) and install the xbox 360 drivers. Then use your Eightarc in X360 mode and SF5 works perfectly.

PS3 mode will only work with the “Xoutput” program which you can download with a google search. X360CE emulator also works, but there is more input lag with x360CE than xoutput. But you don’t need to do any of that stuff–just use X360 mode on your eightarc and get the MS xbox 360 drivers installed.

I have not tested the Japanese program “Xinput plus” with PS3 mode in SF5, but I don’t think this will work unless you use Xbox 360 mode on the Qanba; I believe Xinput plus is only for XINPUT devices, and allows you to remap buttons and set deadzones, etc, as well as enable directinput mode for older games (a good way to get the triggers to work in much older games). This is probably good if you’re using a gamepad.

But you have an xbox 360 native mode so use that instead.

Did you try the Xbox 360 setting on your stick with SFV?

my qanba q4 (basically the same stick) works like a champ on PC SFV in 360 mode. like dark and falken are saying… make sure you have the xbox360 controller drivers installed (and windows fully updated) and you should be good to go.

I downloaded the driver from Microsoft… and went to device manager, went under other devices, quanba with an exclamation point, update drivers… but does not show xbox360 under the list of other programs… I am running windows 7 64 bit.

The program is titled xbox360 accessories

The Qanba should not be listed with an exclamation mark.
If you have it set to Xbox 360 mode, it should be labeled “Microsoft Xbox 360 controller for windows” under Devices and Printers.

In PS3 mode, it’s called Qanba fightstick plus, or a similar name if it’s an Eightarc instead of a Q4raf.

what is shown in devices and printers when it is set to xbox 360 mode?

If you’re having problems getting the xbox 360 drivers installed, you can install them manually by going to devices and printers, going to the “unknown device” or the device with an exclam, and going to properties and update driver, and choose the driver to install, and look for the Microsoft 2012 xbox 360 driver (this assumes you installed the driver before). I’ve done that when switching from the Xbox 360 driver to the XBCD Driver.

Please only do this under “devices and printers” with the Qanba in xbox 360 mode. Don’t do this under device manager or other devices (if you have show hidden devices enabled).

when I go to device and printers, it says unspecified: quanba joy stick plus with an exclamation point. This is with my stick being in xbox360 mode. When I try to look for the driver… it is not found under update driver quanba. XBOX360 driver is installed…but not showing up in update driver

Zerv, you need to manually “force” the qanba to use the xbox 360 driver.
I don’t have a link for you, but this was discussed previously on this forum, for other people with xbox 360 controllers that were not being automatically recognized.

Click on devices, click the device with the yellow !, click on hardware, then there will probably be two entries shown. One is a Hid device, another is I don’t know what. Pretty sure you click the second one, then click “Properties->driver->update driver,” then “Browse my computer for driver software.” Then “let me pick from a list of drivers”, then if nothing is listed under “show compatible hardware,” uncheck it.

You should then see xbox 360 controller for windows version (8/13/2009).
if it’s not right there, you will have to manually look for it (if I recall it should be under Microsoft or xbox or something).

Forcibly install this driver, then reboot.

This should work. This is the method other people with a Qanba Q4raf did to get their joystick recognized in Xbox 360 mode. It will be called Xbox 360 controller for Windows.

PC/Ps3 mode is “Qanba joystick plus.”

Thank you Falkentyne! You just saved me about 200 dollars!!! The problem was that I needed to click Windows Common Controller for Window Class and then click xbox 360 controller for windows version!!! It is working now!! Thank you! You and everyone else who contributed have been very helpful!!! I am so happy!!

I’m not the original person who found this, but thank you.

Sometimes, the Microsoft drivers won’t install on modded PCB’s if no other controller had been installed before with that class. I believe this problem can be avoided if you install a “genuine” Xbox 360 gamepad first, and then switch to the Qanba, because then the controller for windows class gets installed. This seems to be a HID issue with the third party PCB.