Either she's homeless or she got problems; Amanda Berry rescue

This interview is on par with Mobile Alabama Leprechaun! I am very surprised that this didn’t happen in Florida.

This guy is a hero and the best thing he said was.

I like what’s written on the back of that bald guy’s jacket in the background.

I also like the concerned reaction of black dude when the police sirens went off.

Good for finding Amanda, she’s now free from that hell… Epic shit by the black guy there.

I’m also very glad that the captors weren’t black. Hooray for the negro being the hero for a change!

Negroes are heroes all the time, it’s just that the media doesn’t report it. Such is life…

Sucks that Amanda’s mother did not live to see her rescue…and this part was hilariously sad.

There you go…psychics are frauds.

It’s real damn sad we live in 2013 and people still buy into psychics.

Even worse that these chicks had to endure a decade of hell.

I’m a liberal, left-leaning kinda guy… but torture the kidnappers. Give them to the Locust, circa Gears 2, for “processing.”

“Psychics” are fucking opportunistic parasites who feed off of the gullible and desperate.

The same with the so-called “paranormal experts”. I can’t believe people pay these clowns to “investigate” their houses for ghosts or some other bullshit “phenomenon”.

That’s why Syfy channel and all 100 of their ghost hunter shows can eat a big ol’ bag of dicks.

The autotune remix sucks compared to this

I couldn’t imagine anything was wrong with him. We ate ribs together.

First their star athlete leaves for Miami, then this. Cleveland confirmed as worse than Florida.

Is it wrong that I got a boner thinking about a sex dungeon?

All kidding aside these pervert fucks better get mercilessly annihilated in prison

To all the black people reading this thread. Do you all prepare a bunch of quotable memetic lines for when you get interviewed on TV, or does it just come naturally?

I am pretty sure it’s called the “Maury” effect.

But none of these involve women being wrong about who they thought was their “baby daddy.”

Yeah but Charles knows that he can’t be the baby daddy and that’s why he is going HAM.

so, dude is only being charged with 4 counts of kidnapping and 3 counts of rape? only 3 counts of rape? how many “miscarriages” did these girls go through? i appreciate the 8 million dollar bail, but in reality this guy should be handed over to me for re-education. at least, after the government grants me the title of dread lord war beast. thus allowing me to be their appointed torture minister/brutality overlord.

Actually we train for it. It is part of getting your “black person liscense”

Police sirens

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