Ekins house mvc2 tourney 8/23


1st. martin fucking brown “THE TRUTH” (msp, mag storm cyke)
2nd. notorious ekin (msp)
3rd. qqqqqquentin (mag storm cyke, bh cable commando)
4th. monstorious fob (mag im psy, storm sent cap, mag storm tron, mag storm sent)
5th. hebretto (msp, mag cable sent, mag cap am tron)
5th. dr shaboogen (msp, doom cable cap)
7th onwards. bonus people

hebretto puts me in losers early on, fought my way back, mfb def Q 2-0 in winners finals, i def Q 2-1, mfb decides to represent MIXUP with mag storm cyke and rapes me 3-0 in grand finals. match vids coming soon, i heard martin releasing a combo vid soon as well, this guy is fucking CRAZY, better execution than me. look out for it


martin brown = shadyk ver. 3.0


someone upgraded his bios




Where is the man known as Jin?..

-The Icon-


Damn, i can’t remember the last time i picked that team:(

Hold that shit down for me:(