EK's Avatar Request Thread V2.0

same thing! Here the rules:

-Nothin Crazy
-Be abit specific if you want your avatar to look exactly like you wanted

That’s it!:smiley:

hmmm second thred huh?..

is there a reason why you purposely copied my avatar?

LoL,Another conspiracy. This time,its OrangeMegaslide’s AV.

Funny how that works.

Also, you aren’t the Invinvible Swordsman.

What a fucking faggot, I can’t fucking believe it!

Oh god, you’re done little man.

Get your tombstone ready, or your ass, whichever your prefer!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Can he be banned for being teh ghey?

I say we riot on account of his stupidity.


i didn’t tell you guys that Evil-Ken also mocked my screen name on AIM too, about a month ago. he was going around as the name Orange M 9mm.

this muthafucka is on my jock non-stop.

Orange has a boyyyfriend.:slight_smile:

Orange 9mm is a band, and a good one at that.

Evil Ken has been banned.


edit: wait a minute…it’s about fucking time. Only took 3 months to do so.:rolleyes:

i pictured the lego man in the red, beastin that shit. that’s wassup.

Why don’t you complain about it? I don’t see you contacting any admins or mods to do it. If he pissed you off so much, why didn’t you hit me up 3 months ago? Orange hit me up, and I told wizard, and the shit’s handled. If it bothers you so much, fucking tell somebody next time.

Lets see…um…I did. Hell, just about everyone in IMM have known about this and has discussed this in numerous threads. That’s up to the moderators around here( that are supposed to be here ) to do something about it.
But, as for me, I’ve already discussed this with TG. You know, one of the…ahemthe moderator around here.

…now I’m just ranting on. Which I’m sure you didn’t mean to come across like that. Just not my night.

So you guys need more than just TG around here? Where are Rei and Liquid Stone?

Look, man, there’s always somebody bitching about shit on SRK. You know that. Put yourself in the position of the mods. It gets really old when people bitch about any move you make, especially when you get rid of a troll. It took 3 minutes to make this happen once I was told about it. 3 minutes. What you said was uncalled for, period. The mods can’t do everything. They can’t read everything, and they sure can’t be every where at once. Somebody has to be informed. That’s where you and everybody else comes in. If you see something fucked up, somebody has to be told in order for things to happen. Mods miss shit, especially on SRK because of it’s size. You see what I’m saying? I’m not trying to be an asshole, but what kind of reply to you expect after what you’d written?

Who did you talk to? I can’t remember if TG talked to me or not about this guy. He probably has. We just don’t normally ban anybody the first time they do something. When orange hit me up and told me Wiz had warned this guy before, the shit got taken care of. It sounded to me like you were complaining just for the sake of complaining.

That’s one of the best quotes I’ve ever come across on here, it’s pure gold.

@ MrWizard:

Thank you!

(You bring back memories of that late eighties science show with the bald guy.)


Ignore it. I guess it wasn’t so bad seeing how big the SRK community is and all.
But for my good name, you can ask 5 of the top members here all of what I was doing when I suspected of him ripping again. All the people I pestered trying to find matches of who he ripped from. Sure, it wasn’t any of the admin. or not enough mods I was going to( I guess ), but the tagging community would/should have a better understanding and have a higher chance of being able to decipher where he got the background from.

Like I said, it wasn’t my day. TM and SRK let me down the last time this has happened. Gave too many warnings and not enough bannings at first.

Glad he’s banned. He can get back on tho right? just needs a new sn. Well i guess i’ll just need to keep our eye’s pealed for anymore rips, despite who it is.