EK's Avatar Request Thread


Request what you want on you avatar. If you want a sprite/picture of someone or something then, attach it. I will NOT search for it! Well, that’s about all you need to know before requesting.


Liquid Stone(Kim CVS2)








A. Akbar(CVS2 Iori)



why don’t you show us some of your work? that way we know how good you are at makeing avs.



k. Look at my current avatar for the first one.










And then, I do some good ones that have human faces, i use lot’s of colors.


Yo. Gonna give you another chance man. Everyone needs one. Please dont steal shit bro.

Lookin for a Raging Demon AV if you could and or a Strider AV.




you are an insperation


NP man, look for you avatar here tomorrow.



i just finished yours I8-. I dunno if you wanted it animated or not so…

BTW, if you do change your av with this one, gimmi some props please.:wink:


man, those are nice :cool: I’m looooong overdue for an avatar. Can you hook me up?

I need one of 128X64 size. One reason is because I’m using it for this forum and another. Also, put the name “Sin” on the avatar if you can. Thanks.

here’s the image:


no problem man.:wink:



made you avatar:D Hope u like it. Please gimmi props though.


Nice work. Just that the writing in it doesnt look right and the light texture is nice but you kinda over did it and gave it a glare.

Could you make it his taunt pose instead? Like in MvC2? Could you make it animated?



yea sure. Which taunt pose? The one where he just sands up straight?


ya it is. If not could you do him doing Legion? That would be sick…


them shits are hot man can you make me one of Kim from cvsnk please thanks



is this his taunt?


sure man;)


Yeah good work.

I’m just generally looking for any combination of Ruby Heart, Ibuki or Iori(CvS version) in an avatar. Thats about it.


Ya thats his taunt



ok, thanx alot for the compliment:) . I’m working on I8-'s, and Admiral Akbar at this moment. Be expecting it later today.:smiley: