El Cor's Art Catostrophe


This thread will be the archive for my fan art to come, one of my resolutions this year for Street Fighter and other game fandom. You can also keep track of deviant art page if you want to get updates or just look at my other work. If you have any other suggestions for fan art I should draw, just post here. I may consider it, especially if it’s good enough (I value comedy).

El Fuerte Garterbelt Edition

KumaOso from the El Fuerte forum suggested I draw El Fuerte with Garterbelt’s afro, aka a character from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt anime currently showcasing in japan. I had fun drawing this, mainly because drawing El Fuerte somehow fuels me with GIGA BUSTER ENERGY.


LMAO. All he needs now is a beard a priest/luch libre hybrid outfit.


I like it. Digging the ginourmous fro! :stuck_out_tongue: