El Fuerte AE 2012 Requests

Since a free balance patch has been announced, we have a golden opportunity to finally make Fuerte solid. So, I think we should use this thread to discuss what changes should be made. Since we all play the character differently, it’s gonna be a rather fun, and hopefully fruitful, discussion.

EDIT: Because of school work, and my own procrastination, I may never get to writing the request letter, so the letter thing’s off. On the other hand, Capcom likely sees most of this stuff in first place so it may not be necessary other than to centralize all change requests here.

Here’s a couple of things I want to see.
[]All glitches removed.
]Redistribute the damage of Guacamole Slew so that El Fuerte gets at least some of the damage in whenever a trade happens.
[]Make MK and HK off of Backwards Habanero Dash a Picadillo Jump that goes straight upward and forward respectively.
]Farther backdash, same as the one off of Habanero Dash Forward
[]Restore Invincibility on Tortilla
]Remove last four frames of all versions of Guacamole Slew
[]Give invincibility frames on the back dash off of Habanero Dash
]Allow him to create pressure that doesn’t involve cr.LP four times in a row or having to follow up each normal with Run Stop.
[]Allow for more combo opportunities off of normals, especially where he can choose to go for damage, knockdown, or reset.
]Give his MK > MK chain some sort of use.
These are the changes that seemed to be agreed on.


[]Quesadilla Bomb’s input is changed to either a QCF (236) or a QCB (214) input to keep El Fuerte’s kick button options available.
]Quesadilla Bomb’s recovery improved. There should be no reason to be at a disadvantage on hit with a level 1 Quesadilla Bomb.
[]Faster startup on Quesadilla Bomb
]Removal of all glitches.
[]Shower Kick is treated as airborne in its active frames. If Yun can have this for his overhead, why not El Fuerte?
]Shower Kick can go over Rufus and Blanka, making this technique universal.
[]cr.HP special cancelable.
]cr.LP > cr.MK now possible.
[]Tostada Press’ hitbox restored to its SF4 size.
]Tortilla Propeller’s invincibility returned.
[]Increase invincibility to the same as Tostada Press for Fajita Buster
]Farther back dash.
[*]Please fix the reeling animations on characters so they’re universal. Certain characters like Ryu, Ken, Evil Ryu, Yun, and Yang have oddly longer reeling times when they’re hit which makes RSF harder to do on these characters.

El Fuerte:
**hitbox tweak on jHP to make crossup more reliable **
There’s some opponents who when they block correctly they walk and it whiffs. Also in comparison to how easy it is to crosssup with other characters.

Increased frame advantage for gordita sobat (forward run xx MK) and clMK
Slightly more advantage with Gordita Sobat would allow Fuerte the ability to actually pressure with it. clMK has low hit invincibility and makes grabs whiff, otherwise, Fuerte can’t do anything afterwards except for one crLP on a counterhit. correctly guessing a throw attempt with this should lead to more.

Decreased startup on Quesadilla Bomb
many moves cancel into it, but do not combo. exceptions being close fierce and crMK on Counterhit. A decreased startup gives it more uses especially since it already loses to low attacks and has horrid recovery (Level 1 Qbomb is unsafe on HIT)

Revert Propeller tortilla to vanilla damage.
Compensation for loss of invincibility on Propeller Tortilla, a nerf he recieved in AE. It’s now riskier to use so it should have more reward.

Decreased startup on clHK
Allow easier link from a jumpHP and for what is listed below

After a succesful clHK allow quesadilla Bomb, gordita sobat, and various normals to hit.
This will give him options, he could use Qbomb (techable knockdown) or Gordita (hard knockdown) to push into the corner, or various normals that reach for resets.

Correct guac trade
Guacamole Leg Throw is “2 hits” but the first hit does no damage, when a trade occurs the opponent immediatley teleports to the the ground, Fuerte is hit out, opponent takes no damage. Fuerte should either grab the opponent out of what the opponent does, or straight up lose.

correct back run deadzone
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died on Fuerte not responding to me mashing LP to make him stop as he runs into a DP FADC Ultra.

correct clHPxx ex run xx slide teleport glitch
I should not miss a combo that I executed properly

fajita buster gets invincibility equal to tostada

The moves look the same. Why not.

Backdash goes farther
Can I get some more distance please? This damn thing goes nowhere.

General change:
The exaggerated reeling animations are stupid and hitboxes need to not represent them so much. Besides making RSF annoying for fuerte I’m positive it throws off other combos. The opponent is already gaining Ultra for getting hit, why should the opponent get rewarded for animations causing a dropped combo.

What do you think of making a down j.HP a frying pan attack that acts as a hard knock down? Too much?

[*]Allow him to create pressure that doesn’t involve cr.LP four times in a row or having to follow up each normal with Run Stop.

^ How about they just give him a couple inv frames on the startup of his run…Then It would be more like Viper’s TK Feint pressure.
Run cancels are fine…just make them more reliable instead of giving him something else that is better instead.

Honestly…I don’t really care what they do to him as long as he isn’t nerfed…I am annoyed that I have to sit through another patch again when we only just received AE.

Ya that may be a bit much. I like the feeling of bouncing off the “ropes” for the drop down elbow!

The list is looking fairly nice so far. I believe there was talk of making Q.Bomb an input command as opposed to a charge. Otherwise I’d like EX Q.Bomb to have armor instead of speed.

On the topic of Fajita Buster, I’ve been thinking about just retooling it completely. If any of you are familiar with R.Mika she kind of has a similar tool except it stays on the ground and moves straight at them. What would you all think of having Fajita just leap straight at the opponent instead of taking the time to arc up, it would make it harder to punish since it comes out faster(unlike Mikas thing).

I still kind of feel like Fuerte’s Ultras need a review. They serve next to the same purpose, and I thik U1 could be retooled slightly to do U2’s job. If this is a free update I don’t really see that happening though.

The problem with giving him inv frames on the startup is that he can pretty much get out of any knockdown that’s not a meaty.

What if El Fuerte were able to combo close standing Roundhouse off multiple normals?

So how do we plan to communicate this to Ono? Obviously he is not an SRK forum reader. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the addition of brand-new moves is in the cards. Some minor tweaks I think would help Fuerte out immensely:

  • make Tostada Press a hard knockdown
  • make run-slide or Gordita Sorbat armor break (I figure giving one of the run moves armor break properties occasionally helps him against eating a wakeup focus attack when trying to pressure - feel free to call me a noob if there’s an alternative besides run-stop Q-bomb, which is a dead giveaway)
  • keep the damage nerf on U2 but put the startup+range back to Super - it’s crazy that someone can dragon punch me out of U2!
  • either give tortilla back the Vanilla damage or give it back the invincibility, one of the two
  • love the idea about cancelling other normals into close roundhouse. Actually gives him a combo!

Combine that with Densuo’s idea and you got yourself a very deadly combo setup.

The only way I can think of is through his twitter.

Tostada Press is already a hard knockdown except when you do on someone in the air unless that’s what you were referring to. Also, Fajita Buster and Tortilla technically act as his running armor breaks even though they’re just grabs.

Wow, I had no idea about Tostada actually. I guess people are just trying to jump away from me. That’s true about Fajita Buster and Tortilla too, didn’t think about it.

I guess Fuerte needs nothing!! =) Well, I’d like a move where if I hit jab the opponent automatically loses life regardless of if it connects…:wink:

how are you guys going to submit this? anyways it needs to happen asap…please be present our requests in a respectful manner otherwise they might blow it off…show examples of what needs to be fixed as well.

Updated the OP.

Updated the OP.

I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m joking, but if you change Q Bomb to actually be usable and give him the ability to combo into cl rh, does that make him too good? Or just even him up with some of the cast? I suppose if as someone was saying, everyone is getting buffed, maybe it doesn’t matter?

make qbomb a qcb motion with iframes to stuff ppl when he gets pressured and make it so that he can use it on wake up

This for sure!!! That would be crazy!

give fuerte health…1000 health like makoto plz… his mixup is unsafe. the health is worth it.

hmm how about… Hell no to all of this… jk no, if he’s gonna get that no more health lol

If he got changes to make him solid then he wouldn’t need the health buff.

give him a dive kick.