El Fuerte Evo Meetup?



I just booked my plane ticket for Evo 2012, anyone down to meet up? Maybe get some taco’s and talk super secret elf stuff and maybe some retarded mirror matches?


I seem to be the only one going, excellent. I will do my best.


lol ill be there. sign me up for dem tacos.

and yeah shoutouts to southeast asia and 22 hour flights just to go home.


I’ll be there, but im docking on thursday. Pools start Friday morning but im sure i can rendezvous somewhere, if theres free time. Down to go the whole cast for character specific matchup tips and opinions.


I’ll be there, but I probably won’t be able to show up until Wednesday or Thursday of next week


I’ll be there jericho. I’m an elf player… I’m arriving in vegas thursday afternoon. I’m bringing my PS3 for the hotel room, I’m always down to see some other elf tactics


Np, that sounds like good practice to get the mind game juices ready.
Just to throw it out there too, i might have no place to stay in Vegas. I’m not too worried about it, been in worst case scenarios lol.


Really? What do you do when you don’t have a place to stay in Vegas? Sleep in the streets?


Who sleeps in Vegas?


I’ll be there… Made it to winner’s final in my pool last year… then Kindevu and Ark11 put me in 3rd place. Got Ricky Ortiz in my pool 8am Friday…


If you get matched up with Bronxpuertorock best of luck against his Akuma. Very good reactions and option selects for days. You need to punish every single on of his teleports; no exceptions.