El Fuerte General Discussion Thread

Edited with updates

So recently I got a chance to play some El Fuerte at the local arcade. He’s already predicted to land somewhere in the worse half of the tier listing, but I had a lot of fun with him and even managed a few victories.

First off, disclaimer about following text. Its only my personal experiences while playing around with the character. I went into the game totally blind, knowing nothing about the character or system direction.

I would describe El Fuerte’s game play to be a strange mix between Alex and Guy. Very fast and agile character, armed with change up sprints and wall jumps. Also has an anti-air grab and stun gun head butt.

Moves run down
QCF+P: starts ELF running toward the opponent at a pretty fast speed. While running, any of the 6 buttons will stop running to do an attack. My memory is kinda foggy as to what all these options were. Its pretty much just a rock paper scissor style guessing game. It seemed it was easy to avoid this whole thing all together with a shoryuken type attack or just jump away and kick. Range can be adjusted with the stick. The most success I had with this move was running and jumping over fireballs, then grabbing their face and putting it into the ground. I was able to do this on reaction pretty frequently. I don’t think this is a very good move just to throw out there as it leaves the ELF very open. In high end ELF play, I predict this move will be used more as a zoning tool for the the speed of the run alone (LP ends the run).

Side note, running and then canceling, dashing back and then running and canceling again results in a running spasm like animation.

QCB+P: Same move as above only he runs back and then forward. Don’t know much about its properties. Needs to be explored more.

Hold 2 or more kicks: I have to admit I don’t know much about this move. ELF does some kinda horizontal slam attack. I think it breaks block, but I’m not sure really. Sorry.

DP+K: ELF jumps into the air feet first and grabs at ya. Does pretty minimal damage. Imagine Alex’s anti-air grab.

Wall dive: His wall jump/dive has interesting properties. I think I did it by holding away from the wall and hitting strong punch (fierce). I was able to do throws like from the run (QCF+P), only from the wall.

Super: Pretty decent damage and fast start up. I really like it. Very close range though. Used this on wake up a few times with great success.

Ultra: Once you figure out that this is the stun-gun-headbutt, its a lot easier to use. I was getting at least one or two of these a round and if you land it, it’s a chunk. Maybe 30%? You can pick the range using the joystick. I was landing these pretty frequently by baiting a jumping in enemy and then starting the super before they land. Landing on their shoulders just as they hit the ground. If you do this while they are on the ground, it can very easily be avoided/punished with a anti-air or jump attack. Next time I go to the arcade I wanna play around with using the run command to line up ultras on enemies who are jumping back or straight up.

Random notes
-Forward+MK is an overhead with decent range. I was having success landing these and then going into universal throw. In fact, those who play 3s a lot will have an easy time learning the timing and general nature of the universal throw.
-Had strange success with doing point blank, LK anti-air grabs on opponent wake up. If they did a normal I jumped over it, if they jumped, I grabbed them, and if they threw, they swifted. When I landed I would go into universal throw. This fake out worked much better than I though it would.

Sorry if this is vague, but I noticed there was nothing on El Fuerte and felt he needed a little love. Let me know if you had any questions.

Oh, and El Fuerte has the most epic/hilarious winning animation in the game.

Alex + Guy? Oh shit, I know who im pickin now :woot:

alex and guy? throw maki in there too…

I never played much Maki, but its very possible that she is similar to El Fuerte.

all that running, screaming, wrestler outift/moves, jumping on walls, lol yes

  • c.fp is his best anti-air normal. It has the same angle has Rufus’ c.mp and s.fierce so you can use it the same way. Priority is pretty good and a lot of times it works better than his anti-air throw.

  • unlike Chun and Vega, when Fuerte does his wall rebound he actually gains speed. Against Sagat, Ryu and Ken this is really good at full screen. If they throw a fireball at you, jump back and try to rebound from the wall as low as possible and go in with a j.fierce. You can do this on reaction and be in a good position.

-s.mp is a good, fast poke but with limited range. c.mk has range but is a little slower… s.fierce is also a good poke that is fast. I know that s.mp can 2in1 to the bodycheck… speaking of which.

-bodycheck (hold K or KK) is like Raiden’s drop kick in CvS2. You must hold down the button for at least three seconds it seems before it comes out. The longer you hold the button, the more damage and the higher the dizzy damage. I don’t know what the maximum is, but holding down K for 10 - 15 seconds does A LOT more damage than holding it for the mimimum 3 seconds.

-j.fierce is a GREAT attack overall. It stuffs a lot of anti-airs for whatever reason and crosses up very well. For air-to-air I find that j.mk is really good, and it also makes for a good jump-in/cross-up

I made a comment on Fuerte in the bigger discussion thread, but Fuerte cannot be played the same as Guy. In A2 and A3, Guy had some very good chains and pressure attacks to complement his running game. Problem with Fuerte is that he doesn’t have those kind of chains. If his bodycheck was a qcf+K move, for example, he’d be much better imo but since he can’t bust that out on command it’s hard for Fuerte to keep someone on lockdown with just run. Eventually people will start using dp’ing him, or in claw’s case, backflipping away without a lot of trouble.

Yeah, that jumping fierce really was good. I was able to hit gief out of lariat.

Fuerte’s alternate costume…

…oh man, I am so glad I’m maining this fucker lololol

R mika, maki, alex, guy? Is that a fair comparison?

I’m loving it even tho it was “Predictable!” (Geese quote):woot:

His winning animation of him running while holding his fist up and grabbing his muscle is fucking great. The freeze frame on the dive is epic as well.

I like to think that it’s this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Kozakiewicz_gesture.jpg

Oh shi-


Man, can’t wait to give el fuerte a spin.

El fuerte es mas muerta!

/horrible spanglish :lol: (Yes, I did butcher the grammar/wording for that phrase, lol)

can someone please post more about what each of his running attacks do?

El Fuerte can run and is Mexican: looks like Capcom is still trying to win over SNK fans like it’s the 90’s again. :wgrin:

Fuerte’s running attacks

jab: Stop
strong: body splash
fierce: hit throw

short: stop and reverse run
medium: mid-kick (same as his s.mk)
roundhouse: slide (same as his c.roundhouse)

should also mention that j.lk is probably his best air-to-air attack since the angle is about 45 upwards. Had a lot of success with this in keeping Vega and Rufus out during walljumps/jump-ins.

I know this is an hold Capcom complaint, but why does a Mexican need to yell “BAKANAAA!!” when he loses? He could have said so many other funny things. I really wish he would scream " AYE WAYY!!"

wait for the english dub

El Fuerte>El blaze

ok, i want to expand on el fuerte’s running special, cause i dont think reno covered it so well. i’ve been playing the game pretty frequently at my arcade here in fukuoka

qcf+any punch will make you run forwards, qcb+any punch will make you run backwards until you hit the edge of the screen and then you turn around and run forwards. at any point you can imput the command for running the other way to change direction

it is VERY fast, and if you do an EX version, he has super armor for i believe 1 hit. the super armor is only gained during the run, and not during the jumping part of attacks
while running forward**

lp: stops your run
mp: does a body splash, can go over projectiles
hp: does a jump into a throw, also can go over projectiles
lk: stops your run and does a quick dash backwards
mk: same as standing mk, just a quick jumping kick in place (not sure if its overhead)
hk: sliding kick, same as crouching hk except it comes out faster (one of the more useful running attacks)

while running backwards
lp: stops your run
mp: does a bodysplash towards your opponent (opposite of your run)
hp: does the jumping throw towards your opponent, this throw has a different animation then the one that comes out of forward run, also different damage i think (opposite of your run)
any kick: jumps towards the far wall, im assuming so you can follow with a wall jump (this wont come out if you’re already too close to the opposite wall)

if you do any of the jumping attacks out of the run (body splash or jumping throw) you can control the range with the joystick, that is move it to control the horizontal range, it took me a while to realize this, but once i did, it helped ALOT. since it seemed random to me before i found this out. you can actually make the jumping moves go about half screen i would say max range.
*Edit: you can also control the range of his jumping ultra like this *

a useful tactic i would use on opponents who are waking up while i was next to them is to do an EX backwards run (ex because most people try a wake up attack so i can take the hit) and then do the jumping throw backwards onto them. this way you land the throw if they attack or block, only jumping will get them out of it

i’ve been trying to main fuerte, but i honestly believe he is just way too weak, he seems so much worse than the rest of the games cast. i win much more often when i pick honda, and way way more often as gief. you have to run around so much (which is pretty risky) and the attacks that come out of it just dont do enough damage. if your opponent spams pokes on you while you’re trying to work your running game, they’ll usually land more damage than you are, and you’re doing alot more work

one of my biggest complaints is that he doesnt have a command grab, he only has the jumping grab out of a run. its a good grab, but it requires set up, you cant just pull it off on the spot like a SPD or something. his universal throw does absolutely no damage