El Fuerte General Discussion Thread

I know what you mean with using MP for Run. Sometimes, I get it, but I accidentally press MP for Tosada or s.MP.

You’re right about there being different methods to get the loop down, and that includes everything else in life (except for Math and Science). You know it’s funny, and possibly geeky, but if I look at everything in life as a matchup, it encourages me to get it down until that matchup is in my favor (i.e. driving in busy traffic).

I’ve noticed that looking at the reeling animation helps, especially on Ryu. While I managed to get the loop on him three times, I started noticing that I was just outside his damage box when I would go for the next hit.

As a side note to Dawgtanian, I really hope you don’t drop Fuerte or suddenly turn your back on the Fuerte forums. I really like your posts and 99% of them are incredibly helpful and resourceful. Thank you.

But to stay on topic a bit. To me, I woudn’t press mp because if I get Tostada and it’s focus attacked, ultraed, etc., I rage. But when I mess up my RSF/SFR/FSR using LP, I get lp or stop which is not punishable.

Just my two cents.

I’m gonna try your tip jspot. As it is, I can get 3 off in training, and have pulled 3 many times, even in matches. But it’s prolly only 30% or 40% execution to 3 reps… My problem is all about timing the pause between run and stop. I get kara stop ~ fierce and the cancel to run like 95%. I just run into blocks from delaying too long. So watching the reel animation just might help :slight_smile:

I’d REALLY like to get this to at least 3 + slide reliably in matches.

Jspot. holy shit welcome back. good to see you again.

everyone: thanks guys this is a good idea for me who’s still trying to get it down, I’ll separate it.

So I saw someone use armor cancel to u2 in a vit… Looked pretty cool.

To do this, you do d, b, d, b, pp, kk right? What is the timing on this? Do you have to be hit for the ultra to come out? So it works like an option select? Get hit - ultra, don’t get hit - ex run? Do you have to be hit instantly when you do the armor run?

What about grabs? I heard something about an option select against grabs where you do d, b, lp/lk. Does this work? Could you combine these two for prolly fuerte’s best wake up ever? (unless they do nothing, in which case… you just get your space?)

The input for the Armor Cancel is double QCB+PP§ and then immediately kara cancel with KKK. A good idea for doing this is to use your three fingers already on the punch buttons and then slide them straight down. Anyway, this is an option select. Get hit, go into Ultra, be warned as this isn’t guaranteed to work with attacks like Cannon Strike (if at all). Don’t get hit, you EX run away.

The other option QCB/QCF+LP,MP,LK and is another option select. I have poor luck getting the armor on this, but that’s just me. But yes, I think you’d be able to combine the two options. It would only be weak against command grabs and armor breakers. The problem with it is that you won’t run away.

Do you have to do an ex run for the run / tech os? Or can it be a regular run? (obviously you’d want an ex run for the armor)

What determines when moves like srk or cannon spike are armor breaking? It’s when it’s counter hit, right? So what does that mean about runs? I’ve never really known what makes something a counter hit, and thus, armor breaking.

It has to be an EX Run. The EX Run only comes out when you’re hit. A regular run would be suicide.

Armor breakers, aside from being explicitly labeled, also consist of reversals. A counter hit and an armor breaker are different things.

So what makes something a reversal? Is it about when a move is executed? Or what type of move is executed?

I practiced the ex run / tech option select and like it. That will definitely help me with the poke / throw mix ups ppl like to throw at me.

The armor cancel ultra was so / so… I could get it to work sometimes… but prolly 1/10… I’ll keep practicing it, but I mainly just couldn’t find what I was doing wrong. I know if you push the buttons too close together, you’ll just ultra. And if you press them too far apart, you’ll get a run back ~ jump. What I got mostly was just an ex back run… no jump, no ultra… Is the timing on this very precise? Or is it something else I’m timing wrong? I set Akuma to spam jabs in training. I’d trip him, and as he woke up with jabs, I’d do the armor cancel ultra.

I think I might have been running too soon, so the ex run would start up too far for an armor cancel before I got jabbed…

Anyway, I’ll keep practicing that. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

A reversal is something you do straight out recovery. Ryu doing his DP after you knock him down would be a reversal.

When you just go the EX run, were you hit? If you weren’t, you’re doing it right.

Kuma’s right, except he forgot to explicitly mention that reversals only work with specials. You can’t reversal with a normal. Well, you can, but it isn’t recognized as a reversal. Any reversal special will break armor (as long as it’s an attacking move).

Reversal = Activating a special move within the reversal window on the first few frames after leaving hit or block stun. Also, reversals can be activated in the first few frames of recovery from knockdown.

Counter-Hit = Getting hit whilst you’re in the start-up of a move. Counter-hit are incredibly common against overheads, since overheads have so much start up. When you score a counter hit, you receive +3 frames more than you would off a regular hit with the same move. Plus, if it’s a launcher move, you sometimes receive special juggle properties from a counter-hit.

Hope that helped, S-Laughter.

EDIT: Also, just something I thought I’d mention: Anyone notice that reversal ex-run on wake-up tends to be very unreliable if you do it too early. I’ve found that waiting until Fuerte is almost completely stood up is the best time to activate for reversal, otherwise you sometimes just get a regular run, or nothing. Weird.

@Phrygian: I agree with your point on EX run. More often than not, I get a regular run which can be very frustrating, so I started to rely more on blocking in sticky situations. I also noticed that delaying the input helps in getting EX run more consistently, but I hesitate to use it fearing a big punish in case a regular run comes out instead.

On another note, Can’t wait to carry Fuerte with me on the go! 3DS FTW!!!

Blocking is the best reversal. the only time you should ex run is if there poke distance away. or unless theres alot of momentum and they like doing block strings instead of throwing.

Yes thank you both VERY much for those specifics!!! That will help a lot in knowing where I should and shouldn’t use ex run / armor cancel os. It will also help with some general play. I knew that specials typically had armor breaking properties on wake up (I guess the times they didn’t are from late execution) I didn’t know it also came while recovering from hit stun or block stun…

Here is a question though - Does this count with projectiles?

Back to the ex run / armor cancel os - I had a lot of times where I would do the ex run, get hit, and keep running. I wouldn’t jump from pressing kick while running back, and it wouldn’t cancel to ultra… After thinking about it, I think I was prolly doing the ex run too soon. You have to get hit immediately on activating the armor move, in order for it to armor cancel, right? If so, I think that was my problem. I was just having the training guy spam jab (recorded turbo jab) so it wasn’t timed for exactly when fuerte woke up, but I was doing the ex run on wake up. I played a bit with timing it to his jab more than to my wake up and I think it worked more often.

I remember reading in one of those gootecks SF4 guides when the game first hit consoles that “most non-projectile special moves will break armor on reversal”. I can’t remember ever having armor broken by a reversal fireball, so I’d say no.

Ok, what can I do when a cammy has me in lockdown with her dive kick pressure game. Like I’m honestly just fucking stuck in a corner getting a barrage of lks and dive kicks. It’s sooo frustrating I lost to like every cammy today.

Against adon, I wanted to know if his flying kick across the screen is safe. Can ex guac beat it? I don’t like trying to tortilla it because i usually end up on the other side and get punished.

Backdash if she keeps spamming her dive kicks. Get hit but you’re out.

I wondered if my execution on something I can do on reaction was crapping out on me.

Yet DPs still get all the love. Dammit Capcom.

And I am so going to love the absence of TK Cannon Strike.

what’s TK cannon strike?

Tiger Knee Cannon Strike.

Basically, it means instant-air cannon strike. It’s only named TK canon strike because the input for the ex cannon strike is the same as the old input for Sagat’s tiger knee (:d:,:db:,:l:,:ub:).