El Fuerte General Discussion Thread

that will be kinda lame if they take that out i hope not cause now we can link them im prayin this wont be too different

I really don’t know whats the point of crouching jab canceling into itself when you can already do crouching jab links … <_>

Links require precise timing. Chains are easier.

Tortilla losing full invincibility means Sagat can Tiger Knee for free. Midrange punishes of TK with tortilla was one of my key counters versus Sagat. Now what??

cr.jabs arent true block strings. in AE they are. meaning that you can have certain un mashable setups. it makes him have real tickthrow setups. it brings him closer to being a more solid character. you can have unmashable setups now. jab jab delay walk forward grab or RSF. you can get a free knockdown with jab jab jab walk back cr.rh. and yes fuerte has a Kara throw.

What is Fuerte’s kara throw?

I’m 90% sure its throw~rh. if that dont work, do throw~f+mk

Why am I just finding out about this? By the way, wouldn’t the inputs be the other way around?

Found out something useful against Adon, far RH on reaction will beat HK jaguar tooth clean (full screen off the wall move). It hits with the second hit, making it possible to combo c.MK afterwards. Did it twice in an online match yesterday.

Seems to me that the best way to deal with Adons is to RTSD, but you have to do it smartly. Once you get past the upper his wake up options aren’t all that great. Space out slides so you won’t get hit by uppers. Also, safe tortillas have a different timing since he gets up quicker. I like trying to counter Jaguar kicks with slide from half screen distance or more, to me trading is worth the knock down and you can beat it out clean if the spacing is right.

I could be wrong about how good all of this really is as I don’t get to play the match up all that much. Anyone got anything else on the match up?

There’s a good Adon where I play casuals on Wednesday. I’ve only gone twice but eventually I’ll have a decent amount of matchup knowledge on him. A good Adon won’t throw out random Jaguar Tooths, maybe lk to bait you but not much. You have to stay out of the range of s. HK but still in range of one of the jaguar kicks (the armor breaking one, backwards dp+k) so you can bait and tortilla it on reaction. Just buffer it with run back stop walk forward and repeat. I have to go in training mode to confirm this but if the Adon does the wrong Jaguar Kick you might be able to use c. mp xx super as a punish because you’re hitbox lowers. I have to go to training mode because I remember using c. mp instead of c. mk, I was buffering super as well.

hell ya far.HK beats the jag tooth. it beats em all and you can do it on reaction.

i love the drop kick. EVERYONE c.blocks and takes the overhead to c.MK. also last night at our hookup i found out that it hops over sonicbooms, even ex. (guiles, didnt test seth). what are we calling the dropkick?

im NEVER dropping fuerte. i am on the other hand starting to like guy. plus i cant wait for AE Hakan. i personally love Hakan now, but people who know whats up make him seem useless.

Yeah, I was talking mainly as a okizemi standpoint and reacting to certain things. I’m not sure how good this Adon was but he had high BP and PP (not that it’s really a metric of actual skill, but sometimes it can be). Thanks for the tips Chuck, I’ll see if I can’t find a good Adon to spar with.

And speaking of Guy, nothing is more satisfying than baiting out his EX hurricane on wake up or U2ing a Guy that wall jumps and does those stupid air punches that makes him drop straight down. :bgrin:

my adon almost beat john choi at evo :rock:


…let’s dance! Add me on PSN, I won’t be able to play till tomorrow. I’m gonna jump on the Adon thread really quick too.

san antonio is in mexico right? D: I’ll try and remember to add you anyways

San Antonio is in Texas, US.

sorry, shit. I thought it was in texas but i typed mexico because of your name. My bad

it needs a gangzta mexicano name lol … vs seth you dont need to dropkick through sonic booms because we can slide under them. i did dropkick through yoga flame a couple times and hit his incomming fierce :smiley: i love we can still kinda see new opportunities with him . Speaking of !

Chilli Mexicano & Tepache Bomb (Back & Forward Throw) !
I have been in training mode alot these days (im planning on going to a nearby ranbat , i hope i do well if i can make it) … well anyway i have been experimenting with his throws (Chilli Mexicano especially - Back throw) . im not sure if im last to know about this but it seems once you land a successful throw on any character you can RS Corpse Hop the body!!! (EXCEPT! Blanka, Rufus , and Rog it wont work anywhere on the screen … AND with Dudley , Abel , Gief , and T.Hawk it only works for them in the corner BUT it puts you in the corner sooo why really take that risk vs them lol) imo it seems practical for mixup and it puts you just outside of throw range PLUS it seemed safe to wake up srk! im gonna do more work with it tonight so i can post more later. I wanna see what anyone else has found with it.

Fajita Buster!
I have been landing Fajita Buster and then from doing a quick RS jump , Fuerte gets in a DEEP meaty crossup! its beautiful ! lol anyone been experimenting with these setups/mixups options ?

I do corpse hop at the last moment I can so it will still land on the other side and I will be safe. I either go for throw, c. mk loop, c. mk xx run back stop overhead into s. lk loop, or c. mk into tostada, tortilla etc. I go for c. mk because it hits low and it does more damage then c. lk

heres some random tips I found out lately.

When adon does a block string into jaguar kick. you can do run back tortilla and catch him before the jaguar kick actually hits you. its easy to react to

s.RH is good as a poke. and cr.rh is amazing in the fight from all ranges. his focus cant hit low, so free punish if he whiffs one.

In guile matchup. if you get backfisted, do cr.rh. its worth the risk. he has no charge anymore and if he tries do a regular s.FP or another backfist. itll go under it and a free knockdown.

I mentioned it in the shenanigans thread. Crouch roundhouse is great as a meaty on their wakeup. I also fake meaty for free throws. Easy to setup after a throw.

Close mp cancels to qbomb. But doesn’t combo. Seriously capcom.
I also like how while checking normals for my fundamentals thread a lot of them cancel to guac. Nice. =\

Also. I was able to hit Adon out of jaguar kick with crHP but it’s not consistent. Guac trades. Tortilla losing invincibility means we’ll have to counter with splash. I wonder if slide allows an escape from jaguar kick.

Also noticed HUGE difference in damage with half ultra (upper 300s) and full ultra (500) for ultra spark.

Not a very big difference between half and full for giga buster… 43x to 47x