El Fuerte General Discussion Thread

I can confirm this, and also SUPER can be Armor Canceled.

EDIT: Holy shit! You can armor cancel any guacamole and it doesn’t cost EX :A

**Low Guacamole
Med Guacamole
High Guacamole
Super Combo
Ultra 1 Combo
Ultra 2 Combo

Tried Quesadilla, didn’t work for me. So yeah. KumaOso you’re awesome.

This might sound stupid but how do you practice armor canceling?

Best way is to get a fireball character as the training dummy and have them constantly throw slow fireballs at you (may be best with Guile). Then just do the armour cancel just before the FB hits you… If you get it right, you’ll know.

i thought you can only do it on wake up? so won’t you need to be knocked down?

theres certain setups you can do. like at max range cr.rh, certain characters can hit you of your grab. like balrog, he can jab you on block and hit you if your trying to grab. you can do an armor cancel right there.

All you;re doing is cancelling an ex-run absorb into another move; it’s not wake-up specific. It’s just mainly on wake-up because it works as an option select.

Hey dudes, kinda random, but I was thinking a bit about the increased recovery on guac and how it effects the safe jump set up after tortilla. Usually after a couple tortilla mixups I’ll whiff MK guac and go for the meaty j.FP, but obviously the timing won’t work anymore. Do you guys know of any other specific safe jump/ambiguous cross up setups after tortilla?

Playing the poking game lately.

Far stand MP, Quesillo Slap, is the way to go after far hp or far hk. Slapping lots of stuff.

For some reason I like that you can do target combo even on whiff. You can do it at a bit short of max range and him moving forward that bit he does will allow you to land that second hit off a poke.

Got a friend’s replay. He shower kicks on balrog wake up ultra 1. Teleport through it.

Ultra 1 beats Blanka Super.
Jump back airthrow yoinks blanka ball.
I neutral jump air grabbed Blanka Super.
Honda is an asshole.
Taco Knee (j mk) stuffs tiger knee.

Focus attack and dropkick seemed unreliable vs Blanka’s sliding fierce punch sweep. DurinG first hit of dropkick I guess you count as grounded as I got counterhit out of it. Overhead portion beats it. “transition” frames you could say has blank slide under you and switch sides. I think Blanka has advanatge. I’m not sure as I blocked and blanka mashed out electricity.

Not sure on the range. But I was whiffing focus attack on that blanka slide.

Blanka’s immediate recovery on hitting the ground from any of his balls is annoying. This may be one exception as to actually use close hk to guacamole.

Well now. At least we can poke where needed. We have what, 6 pokes?
Far Hp frame traps to far mp.
Far hk has two hits. Perhaps mess with opponents using super armro to get in.
Far mp to slap things out.
Far mk for a minor distance closing. And we can complete target combo if it hits something.
Shower kick for the oh shit factor.
CrHK for a poke/tick throw setup.

I guess cr.mk can poke too but I feel far mp has made it obsolete as a poke.

Man, reading the AE changes thread is making me really salty.

Ryu gets special cancels he doesn’t even need, and Elf gets dumped on. Ken gets more damage on his light punch spamyuken and Elf gets dumped on.

Nice one.

Yah, a perfectly timed drop kick (far standing hard kick) with immediate jump forward after a tortilla mid screen is a perfect safe jump.

@ Densuo
i agree that Queso slap puts in work lol i feel cr mk has its great uses too though because it beats / counters things very nicely example : i playing against this Fei long and i would throw it out around mid screen or so to keep him honest it was nice to know that Fuerte has pokes to can keep him out … Also i would Queso slap vs that Chicken wing lol beating it clean

Another thing, i have been trying to work on saving meter so i can use super more often it works wonders for me and is a game changer imo due to the damage when you combo from RSF can = up to 500+ dmg :slight_smile:

As I’ve said before, those changes aren’t the only ones. There’s bound to be buffs for Fuerte, but yeah, some of these changes make no sense.

Honda is definitely an asshole.
If my guess is right, Taco Knee should be able to stuff Honda’s LP Headbutt at least once AE is out. I’m going to test later today to see if can stuff the other versions.

Capcom wants us to plAy shotos lol (frigging mePhone)

Fuerte Vs. Makoto will not be fun…

also, fuck you capcom…

At least Abel got nerfed… I was going to rage if his U2 left intact given how Capcom nerfed our U2.

All low tiers seem to be getting a LOT of buffs, so expect most of them to outrank Fuerte in AE. But who cares about ranks anyways lol I just want a more consistent and solid Fuerte, regardless of him being low or mid teir. If all of his normals get improved then we are onto something (jab alone is not enough).

just found out if you do a close crouching medium kick into foward medium kick on a non cornered DeeJay it goes right through him

on topic
I’m a big fan of crouching medium kick as a poke since it lowers your hit box a little, hits low and is a great set up for overhead and run stop pressure plus medium kick links off of so many normals I hope they make the links easier, or let him link close standing jab into crouching medium… maybe that would be to much power but it would be awesome…

far medium punch is weird just because the slap has the funniest hit box ever lol,it hits a lot farther then it looks and throws people off

This is probably well known, but when Juri releases a fireball she’s airborne. I caught her with lk guac once

Fuerte gets all jabs buffed I’ll be ok with it. A faster jab means easier combo off f+mk. Which means an easier Surprise/turtle combo, and more reason to use f+mk (throw,block string, super)

He’ll be able to poke out of some things. And all his jabs xx to run. So jab xx back run xx picadillo will be a good escape which will suffice vs everyone but Guy. And maybe some charge characters (ex sonic boom and perhaps headbutt, psycho crusher, and blanka ball will punish.)but that should be enough to allow escape. They do a meaty it’s ultra spark time.

Well. They can make dropkick like it was in vanilla and speed up far fierce and we’re on to something.

there area few characters that you can mess with like that … jab > shower on Dictator blocking ( i think Dee Jay too) = the what charge? loop lol …we cant abuse though cause then next they will nerf shower kick lol … sooooo if you read this Capcom … my post is a joke! :slight_smile:

@ fellow Fuertes
HIT up TRAINING and find a setup that BEATs bisons CHARGE because our poor fuerte has a hard time vs the Dictator : / …


Bison Shenanigans.
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Shower kick -> “3-frame” close fierce/jab -> tick throw
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Slide. Tick throw.
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Back run stop drop kick/focus attack/cross up tostada
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Run, crossup splash/gordita
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Back dash queso slap xx back run xx picadillo. optional taunt.
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Run back safe tortilla.
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Slide. Corpse hop. Run back stop
forward jump taco knee nuetral jump to avoid desperation ex psycho crusher. Taunt.
Slide knockdown. Corpse hop. Slide. Slide. Oh shit bison u2’d. lol and ultra 1 or airthrow.

Bison doesn’t have an uppercut or uppercut variant like other charge characters so corpse hopping his ass is marvelously efficient. If they’re back dash happy run xx gordita can be done after corpse hop. They wanna jump just taco knee. They get teleport happy just remember who has the life lead :wink:

What we need is a sure fire psycho crusher beater in air. I get him out of it here and there. It’d be easier to run from him if we could use that damn wall jump more.

Bison’s still an asshole though…