El Fuerte General Discussion Thread

i’ve been wondering this too. i never know what are true blockstrings in rsp. i’ve tried recording my rsp on a dummy. and using ryu to mash dp. dp wins :frowning:

That may be hard to figure out. Even more so with run stop being faster.

It’s kinda of a big thing for us not to know, dontcha think?

just do cr.mk xx backrun xx stop. then cr.rh time it so that if they mash ull be under them to punish, and that if they block youll be at an advantage.

Oh it has nothing to do with dp’s mashers lol. I’m just want to know if there are any frame traps and whatnot.

Tonight I was getting lots of counterhits off of rsStrong bullshit and I want to see if it was a real frame trap or I was just getting “lucky”.

cr.mk loop is a frame trap, they cant press buttons if your doing it fast enough.

OK thank you. So cr.mk rs s.Strong is not?

not really sure, but strong is like 1 frame slower. i think after the first 2 hits, you can mash out

Just wanted to say to every one that I’ve been kinda AWOl because my xbox broke like a week and a half ago, so I havn’t been playing with The Luchador in a while. I am still waiting on M$ to repair it and bring it back to me, but till then I’ma miss playing Elf.

I don’t think s. mp loop is bad, it’s just not as good as c. mk loop. far s. mp loop isn’t good though.

imo in terms of loops as block strings: c. mk > s. mp > far mp > s/c. lk > RSF

I have an idea for the Fuerte forums that would really help it out. There are lots of random off topic posts that carry the thread in a direction that doesn’t help anyone who is looking for information. I think we should make a thread for off-topic things and keep it contained there instead of having non-constructive posts in a thread. It might be useless right now, but there are like 10 posts in a row for food, mvc3, meetups, etc. that don’t really belong in the video thread. I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just pointing it out and I think that we should make a thread for that type of thing. Yeah, this is off-topic but there’s no point in making it if nobody agrees with me in doing so.

Also I saw a poster named bodler spamming a link in all the character forums. If you come in here, you’ll read this. Fuck off.

I’m guilty of blabbing of food and I’ve drifted topics on some occasions. I think an off-topic thread might be a good idea. But really why not keep the off-topic/semi-offtopic in general. I think off topic would work though.

In any case. I’d like to read everyone’s opinions on Fuerte in the following subjects:

Strengths, weaknesses, your preffered playstyle with him, other playstyles you feel are viable with him, and what you feel is the biggest misconception about him. I feel like i’d be more comfortable doing my first fuerte vid, namely a character overview with some talk from youse guys. It’s mainly gonna be my opinion. But eh. Here goes:

Strengths: fastest dash in the game, distance controllable moves, top 3 overhead in the game. Nigh-supreme anti air, great baiting. Good walk speed. Armor Cancel. Best wall jump.

Weaknesses: terrible wakeup options. Unconventional normals.

Preffered style: Turtle, shenanigans, hit and run

Viable style: rush down, poke, pseudo-zone, wakeup games (if you suck)

Common misconception: “El Fuerte is random”

I just kinda wanna know where everyone stands with the character and thinks in a whole.

fuerte is ass in ae thats all that matters I think im gonna play either dudley or evil ryu. Then again i didnt play him alot when i was in cali so who knows i could fall in love with him again, but from my initial impression of him is whack.

isnt general discussion the off topic one

Hey El toro whats up man remember me from Family fun?

Oh snap whats up man i havent seen you there lately

i was there last week on saturday in the afternoon probably be there next week maybe on friday

oh im there randomly at around 8 lol

Peru: I’m sorry to say that tortilla is nigh-useless now. It’s about as stupid a move as QBomb in AE. That nerf along with damage and range nerf is terrible. I swear I timed several tortillas properly but got them beat out by buffered DPs. Safe tortilla is still there. But with all it’s nerfs everyone will Know what it is and get past it.

Still. I don’t think he’s ass yet. But knowing how scrubs keep complaining about fuerte…

Also. I hate DPs. More then Sagat and Gief.

That crLP chain is pretty good though.

But I do feel trouble off fei and yang. Haven’t really dug in on everyone else. But he can still turtle and his pokes are a bit better (I still got outpoked by Manny, Yang. Which pissed me off royally)

I still don’t get the tortilla nerf honestly. It’s stupid. Guac I can deal with. But the more I think about it, the more I’m annoyed about the tortilla nerf.

gg sinix

i’m colonicsilver

btw your friend plays a really scrubby cody. jump city!

yo fuertes, the worst mind fuck happened to me this weekend at a local tourney!

this ryu was spaming c.MK whenever i would run, i guess trying to keep me spaced… it just led to me splashing. i worked him towards the corner, i ran, he threw out another c.MK as expected- i did stop.SUPER to be Spicy - it hit, 1!, 2!, 3! EX DP!!! WHAT THE FUCK??!!have you guys ever seen this? the only thing i can think is that i mustve used LK Super and only connected it because he elongated his hitbox from the c.MK and i guess the 3rd hit pushed him far enough that the 4th hit whiffed.

this mind fucked me so hard that i got caught by a Lvl2 FA, f.HP xx DP >FADC> U1 = loss

when i do super i usually drum my fingers from HK-MK-LK… i guess i should just make sure i ALWAYS use HK… i usually get HK… idk WTF this really fukken bothers me cuz IT FUCKIN CONNECTED!!! HE WAS OUT OF LIFE! IT WOULDVE KILLED HIM AND KEPT ME IN THE TOURNEY!! WHAT THE SHIT!

on the bright side, if my suspicion is correct, then in AE ryus c.MK is get nerfed… woulda just been blocked i guess.
the guy i played said that he was holding c.BLK but when he realized that he was going to die just started mashing EX DP and praying. it was his last chance too.