El Fuerte General Discussion Thread

What I mean is that I have several shenanigans. and I tend to employ them all, when there’s no reason to show my full bag of tricks if my opponent keeps falling for crLP 1~2, tick throw. or slide corpse hop slide corpse hop slide corpse hop slide

Results: my team managed to place 7th out of 22 teams, alot of fun for my first team tournament….I OCV’ed a team :smiley:…also my team was (Fuerte,Guile,Guy) the Ken player could not make it so I teamed with Who is Alpha( A mod from EventHubs) who plays E.Ryu/Guy…solid player looking forward to see his progession…I lost to Cody in winners and Fei player in losers but everyone carried their own weight…the cody player was pissed because he was carrying the whole team and someone on the team didnt play much…

also…prepare to be amazed…An El Fuerte team won Grand Finals!!!(Fuerte/Sakura/Abel) my protege from the controversial “loser quits fuerte” video has done it…im so proud…I was speechless…(I didnt really care much for that match so we both trolled everyone)

Good shit Shadow. Post vids dooks.

sup guys Im new to ELF and Im trying to learn RSF. I can get the first to fierce punches in, which is not say much, but I always seem to end up too far away for the third fierce to connect or either his fajita buster comes out. Im pretty sure that I have the rythem down for the loop as well. Any tips other than referring me to the RSF thred because Ive already looked there as well. Thanks guys.

if you end up far…that means your stopping to fast. and im pretty sure dawgtanian made a vid showing how to do it…so i think you should look into it.

helping out a fellow chef :smiley: The answer you seek is below:

My fundamentals thread has most of the RSF thread’s info parsed into what you mainly need. Check it here:

thanks guys ill check this info out

Just wanted to say thanks for showing me to the video tutorial guys. What he was explaing was exactly what I was doing wrong. I went from not being able to do RSF to now doing it for 4 hits, although very inconsitantly. Just have to grind and keep practicing it so I can do it on command, but thanks again guys. Youll be seeing a lot more of me in the Elf forems.

That’s some quick progress. Good to hear that you’ve found the information useful. Keep at it.

Wow, I missed this vid the 1st time it was posted, great stuff! :slight_smile: When I saw the 10-hit RSF I was like O_O!!! I can only get 5-6 max, hopefully to increase the reps soon (but honestly working on getting 3-4 down pat first).

For the double kick after the RSF, it must be at a certain range to work right?

Also, I figured out that you really have to delay the 2nd hit of RSF on Evil Ryu for it to connect, his reeling animation is crazy during the 1st hit from a standing position.

A tiny tear appeared in the corner of my eye.

Very pleased my video helped you learn the RSF that quickly.

Expect new videos coming up from me very soon, I’m moving to direct feed footage too :slight_smile:

Oh and Cr.mk xx run loop x 4 works on Oni.

:eek:. Dawgtanian you’re never gonna drop Fuerte, right?

so I was playing with my scrub makoto and got trounced by a Ken. He even taunted me. a rematch happens. I use fuerte. Rage quit. uploading to youtube for your honor.

Finally played some SF4 after a lengthy set of down time. I was messing around with QBomb (more often than I usually do), and I never realized how many counter hits I pick up with it. Set your spacing up right, throw it in as meaty mixup… was liking the buff just thinking about it, but now that I see that’s it’s a more common occurrence then I thought… can’t wait to see it in action. Just thinking about the beefy damage coming off that fast charge EX Q.Bomb counter hit makes me feel all tingly inside, and the wall bounce just sweetens the deal even more.

dope! cant wait! have you been messing with ex cMK loop at all?

BUT there’s a trade off. With a useful, easier to store and a better risk/reward Fuerte’s will be stupid not to use EX Bomb. With more Fuerte’s doing this “random” Bombs will become less effective.

After the third time you wallbounce someone, they’re gonna stop pressing that button.

I’d agree with you 100% but then I remember…

I think we are the only Fuerte’s in existence. Joking aside, as long as people throw out smart Q.Bombs we should be alright. Gotta make those good reads. Guess I should clarify that I wasn’t spamming Q.Bombs the entire time, just using it more often when I had a good read or decent setup. Think I only got blocked once, and punished once. Everything else was a hit, counter hit, or went past/under them. Not too worried about Q.Bomb being blown up, generally don’t use it unless I need it.

I also tried to punish a random Ultra 1 from Bison with Dynamite, and I went right through him. That ended up costing me the match. /fliptable

I’m so in and out with this game it’s not even funny. One day, I’m eager to play this game with my Looney Tunes antics, and the next day I’m waiting for SF X TK to come out as it looks leagues better than this game.

I use the Qbomb after a set of jabs. works against certain people. namely the ones that mash jab.

Qbomb has yet to lose to a dive kick

Had to fight Big Marcus’s 25% hp Bison with my 100% hp El Fuerte (anchor vs anchor) in SSF4: AE Team War in Grand Finals @ Fighter X Shooter Tourney in Chicago and still couldn’t beat him (got him down to 10% hp and but corner trapped with no meter). QQ