El Fuerte General Discussion Thread



Bro one thing u have to understand is that this game has been out for 4 years everyone is a specialist with their character. Switching mains at this point in the game and winning is going to be very difficult no matter what level u r at. Secondly your coming from one of the most technical street fighter characters, to the one that has the least amount to do with street fighter. The less u play street fighter the better u will do with elf.

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Thank you kind sir.


if you guys got twitter add me @TeamShadowAce

also tourney results, I got 4th

  1. Da Knut
  2. Wizzlecrof
  3. Pokchop
  4. Shadow Ace
  5. Joyfull 78, Clint The Beast
  6. P2W Yflow, Cardell
  7. Reox, taboc1, Raiden365
  8. Usual Suspect etc. etc.

I was so close to taking out wizzlecrof’s bison that I felt sad aftrwards…ugh…I needed U1 because of his safe jumping but we broke even in sets


Ever since EVO I was giving El Fuerte a little break and started playing Viper. Last night I dusted him off and finished 5th. Jaja


U1 for bison, there’s a chance u2 will miss on a block crusher but its like you said the positioning, and he played smart using only LK knee presses in strings
if bison keeps a distant from you with s.mk and s.hk he going to try and set up something…its a matter of keeping mobile and using f.mk with fuerte to disrupt his charges on wake-up. Fuerte v. Bison is I think slighty in fuerte’s favor, maybe 6-4 but I could be wrong, I may have just been playing the match-up wrong…using his lights for pressure and throwing is what I keep getting hit by. U1 is more favorable because of the way bison’s jumps work


I use ultra 1 against bison because i can punish teleports, ex psycho crushers and jumps. and if i’m really feeling myself, devil reverse with run stop ultra 1 (lol).

i think ultra 1’s better because i can shut down a lot of bison’s options upon knockdown. you don’t really need u2 to get out of scissor kick pressure, since ex run back guarantees a free RSF punish on scissor kick happy bisons.

to each his own though, i think we’re at a stage of the game where both ultras work in most matchups, and it depends on your individual playstyle/your approach to matchups, yeah.


My fellow El fuerte players i care not for BP. i just got a message from a fellow Fuerte Jugador hes after my rank on Xbox live i have PC and Xbox not to mention 3DS super lol PI can barely afford Xbox live as it is please Like CD borrego said be patient with me


LOL my bad! it was probably against Jeron or something ages ago right? was probably still finding my way around the matchup and testing what works. u1 is way more comfortable for me right now, especially since I’ve been practicing ex run xx rsf so I don’t really need the get out of jail nature of u2. But if it works for you it works for you my friend!


getting bodied less, It seems I normally win when I go nuts and do random shit with fuerte, and tortilla is so sweet to land lol! between dash sweep and tortilla=win win. lol!

I can’t seem to be able to react with U1 sheesh


Yeah, I can RSF 2 reps to sweep now. Then sometimes I go on rage mode and hit 5-6 reps then I will stop dead and we both do nothing for 3 seconds and TORTILLA!!!

But fuck el fuerte normals are super cool slow.


win rates steadily increasing, I find tortilla to be el fuerte best move IMO. and I switched to U2 for most matchups


I like loading 3 quadisilla bomb, lol!


Propeller Tortilla is the best non super command grab in the game. You generally want Ultra 1 against opponents who can not change their jump trajectory or whom you can consistently get to commit to something stupid…

Quesadilla rainbow lol. I think if anything mind fucks or annoys a player its Qbomb. Make sure its fully charged / EX and you have meter to FADC. as level 1 q bomb is unsafe on hit.

ANy new yorkers going to comic con? I think I just might dress up as Alt 1 fuerte if I get everything in order./… just need good mask pics


how many second to charge it fully?


Level 1 - 2 seconds
Level 2 - 4 Seconds
Level 3 - 6 Seconds
EX - 3.5 seconds as of AE2012 (down from 8 seconds)

On hit Level 3 and EX Qbomb recovers 10 frames faster than normal. EX Qbomb wall bounces on Counter hit. any knockdowns caused by Qbomb are techable. (Not sure about EX Counterhit Qbomb though)

I need to update my fundamentals thread…

EDIT: Play it safe and always give yourself an extra second.


Got bored tonight. Halfway done.



Did all the colors(sans 11 and 12). Steal if you want.







Shoutout to Manny for repping the mask at Summer Jam