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El Fuerte gets all the bitches.


Goddamn its been ages since I’ve been on the forums.

Played at saturday night snapback last night. It’s been awhile since I’ve played in a tourney (since evo). Lost to LPN’s Adon, which I have some tech for, and Rose. I know I’ved asked about the Rose matchup before, but this MU still boggles my mind as to how bad it is for us.

I might compile info on an open source Google doc on MU’s. Maybe you guys can help out I already have a PDF of notes for myself at tournies for pre-game tips/confidence boost. It’s pretty comprehensive, except for some MU’s. I feel that MU knowledge is scattered all over the place, and MU knowledge is one of the most important things when playing fuerte.


Rose is a shitty matchup… dare I say one of the worst


No its not

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Ok. Fine. Its one of my worst matchups and I’m absolutely free to her. HELP!

EDIT: I’m a bit of a pessoimist with that I would probably say every match up is bad for Fuerte except Gouken lol


EX Soul Spiral & misspaced SS’s: Free U2 or c.lp chain; Reading/baiting it correctly can net you a nj. HP into RSF
Slide: I can’t find a move that stuffs it. “s. RH” can hit her low hitbox but with low success rate.
On my knockdown: “tick throw / throw / meaty s.mk (which has 20 air frames i.e. can’t be armor cancel ultraed)” mixup dominates my wakeup, even when I just block.

I am a “Setup / RSP” type of Fuerte, and unless I OS U2 on my setups EVERY time, Rose is a breezy. Are there certain moves I should abuse more? Is there an optimal range for fuerte in this fight?


I hate this, on PC I hit RSF 3 reps but on PS3 the damn thing wont comeout.


IIRC the PS3 is the inferior version of the game input lag or something the 360 version doesnt have the issue. in any case for the second RSF rep go in a lil deeper.


Anyone else get a pm about player input of some matchup list on some other thread?




Thanks man.


The ‘unblockable’ after airthrow against shotos, is it still a quasi unblockable after every airthow? I.e. focus crumple, airthrow, j.hp, rsf.

EDIT: Yes it is.


That set up is officially usless unless the person has never seen it before. Every single shoto can late dp it or in akumas case jump the fuck out arghhhhhhhh!!!

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The thing is 90 percent of shotos haven’t seen it before.


but 100% of them dp anyway.


Beat reversal DP?..


so I wore my mask to a party. good times


I hope you didnt tortila any ladies lol!!!

Still trying to play fuerte but I turtle with him alot


Actually people mistook me for Mil Mascaras and El Santo. Although I yelled “Tortiiiiiiiiiiilla” whenever I grabbed one. the Guest of honor’s sister asked me and some friends to bartend/bounce

Turtle them then splash mountain in the next round :smiley:




thats the spirit. and if anyone messes up its Giga buster time