El Fuerte General Discussion Thread



Of course, it’s been known. Com’n. This is ME your’e talking to. Com’n, man. Com’n. I mean, seriously. Com’n.

I mean, really. Com’n. Unbelievable. Smh.


I think I should come on.


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So what do yall think of Abel matchup?
i ended up getting 5th here…Im very random



hah, no international shipping makes me sad.


We have added shipping to France, England, Japan and a few others.


I need a dedicated camera, big ass pics, but here’s some SF4 related stuff from Comic Con


Me with a Rainbow Mika.


Myself with a Vega and Ibuki


Myself a Ryu and a Juri.


Me and a Dan


Me and Seth Killian (He’s a cool guy)


I made this Chris’ day :slight_smile:


It’s all about getting that knockdown. Both of them can beat the crap out of each other on knockdown.

Abel can anti air grab all of el fuerte’s jump stuff. Abel has good health and hits like a ton of bricks. I am not a fan of the matchup.

Ugh his f+MK

If he uses ultra 2, I like Q-Bomb the shit out of it. and you can counter his Ultra 1 on reaction. It’s an uphill battle that’s for sure.


Gonna be playing in youmacon this weekend come stream monster and support a scrub. Have a good feeling about this one pretty sure I can win if I don’t play bad.

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i believe in you dude. go for it.


Havent been here in a while. Hows everybody doing?

Btw, am i the “Manny” thats talked about in the video? o_O
And you should play my abel :slight_smile:

Goodluck out there iperu. I know you can do it. Show everybody that a fuerte can win something lol.


Ugh don’t remind of your Abel… I think I hated him more than your Yang.


Made top 16 winners! Play justin first lol

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be sure to taunt him and beat him by timeout. q bomb can beat dive kick if he does it Willy nilly.

get in dem cheeks yo




Shoutout to @IIPeru getting 4th place.



Any ideas for improving? I made test with OS ultra 2, but for time cannot upload a video for now.

The crossup j.HK works on Dudley, Gen and Zangief too. Need to test how works in that characters.


So, I dont play Fuerte. Never have. Ive always thought of him as a gimmick character. Ive mained Guy since Super dropped and have done pretty well. I used to grind the Guy / Fuerte matchup with Chuvy occasionally (This Is K1, btw). Anyways, Im curious if Fuerte is similar to Guy in any way outside of the Run pressure / mixups. Could someone possibly give me a comparison of the two characters ? Honestly, I know next to nothing about playing as Fuerte. All I really know is how to play against him. Any input would help, as im kinda thinking about picking up fuerte and trying him out.


after watching a couple gipie videos i am convince that i am gonna learn this character even though he is hard, fast, and mighty tricky, i gonna study him up take my take and go step by step the so far i know who to do alot of his unique moves except the tortilla propeller and fajita buster im sure with alot of practice within time i will get the hang of those moves :slight_smile:


El Fuerte stops his run faster. El fuerte has good armor cancels El Fuerte has shit normals and decent normals that are situational.
Guy has safer pressure and does damage better.

they both have 2 hit armor off of EX Run.
Fuerte DOES NOT stop running if he gets on top of the opponent with his run, which Guy does.
El Fuerte’s Run Stop Pressure is riskier
El Fuerte has one of the best Overheads in the game which links into run stop pressure.
El Fuerte’s Focus is Ass.

See this video I made. Form your own comparison.



Finally after playing el fuerte for 5 years (whenever vanilla came out) I have made grand finals in a tournament however there is some controversy because the tv was laggy as hell and nothing else was available, it was me vs. a rog, he won but we had good set…im going to win soon amigo’s