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@Rowdy_Muffin I have to say. please tell me you’re trolling Peru.

@IIPeru motherfucker do not quit we need you.


Why do people keep saying he is not a “street fighter” character? I am genuinely curious.


He’s not a ‘classic’ design.


Oh no I didn’t mean it to rub off that way >_< Apologies

I’m getting ready for my first tourney next week Saturday and I’m having a difficult time with the charge character cast. Are there any tendencies from the charge cast I should look out for?


you should always look to steal charge.

you cant corpse hop Blanka. focus his rainbow ball and then own his face.

Reverse turtle Balrog when you have the lead.

beware of dee jay’s real good Air to Air normal and his cross up knee (crHP wins if early)

Stay on Guile’s ass. he stuns easy. proper tortilla spacing will cause his Flash kick to auto correct wrong.

I fucking hate honda


man… Rose’s backdash destroys fuerte so bad…I played it in tourney today, it felt like 9-1 match. even if you chase it down you cant punish it. its sad


soul throw beats everything he has in the air too.

She’s a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad bitch


ehh im not even scared of that, but i got an idea on how to approach the match now. imma make a video on how retarded her backdash is on fuerte


To elaborate, for a run-off-the-mill non-Fuerte player the match just feels qualitatively different. Against a shoto, charge characters, Sim, Honda, you basically name it, you’re doing stuff your character is designed to do - walk back and forth, whiff punish pokes, zone people with limbs and fireballs, and so on. Against Fuerte, you spend most of the match defending because the bastard is hypermobile. Fireballs, fuck that, I’ve got slide, armor run, jump across the goddamn screen, list goes on. So you AA him, occasionally tag him with a combo. But you’re not really expressing yourself much, just trying to deny the Elf from winning. It doesn’t help that a lot of his stuff seems more inane than it is at first, and the character’s look and feel reinforces that. In short, he’s just goddamn irritating to play against. It’s a case of someone having + 10 million fun while another has -10 million.

I often say I can respect nearly everything about Elf players: the dedication to a character, the work on hard execution, the mind games, basically everything except the decision to play Fuerte because I want to strangle someone every time I see him, whether on the vs. screen or onstream. He’s just not at all what I look to when consuming Street Fighter.

For a different perspective, if you play Magic, think about cards like Timesifter, Confusion in the Ranks, Knowledge Pool. They’re stuff that people love to use, but any single one of them hitting the field just makes the game stop making any kind of sense, and typically turns into an exercise in frustration for the opponent. You haven’t technically lost and do actually still have a chance, but you have a ton of tedious, alien-feeling turns ahead of you before the opponent can actually kill you. To add insult to injury, the decks are typically just plain bad. In short, they’re griefing tools.

Emersion’s take on things:


Ya you just have to bait a lot more than you usually would I use sobat a lot against chun and rose to catch backdash. Rose should be easy for you cause you have really good Rap once u maker respect you the mu is pretty frayy.

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sobat whiffs sometimes for me, i died against arturo but I think he backdashed out of it at one point. and yeah the run stop doesnt work if she backdashes, I lose all offensive opportunity. after I knock her down, I gotta just run towards her body and push her to the corner. such a lame match but watever, I gotta learn to deal with it.



I have ascended…


Went to the tourney and it was a lot of fun. I’m glad I came out, however I played two of my hardest match ups which were chun li and dee jay. I don’t play too many of them so I felt lost in the woods and I got 0 - 2 eliminated. Luckily, I had a chance to play with the chun player on casuals and he has been helping me out. It also helped that there were 2 other fuerte players (3 in the whole tourney lol) so we were always talking about strategies and such. So my mix up game has been really lacking. I have nothing against back dashing except a far tortilla if I read it right and a late slide. There was a set up I was introduced to, which was [dash forward x2, run back-stop, jump forward and grab before hitting the ground]. I couldn’t mess with it much, because I was too caught up in the matches with chun and this was said to me while I was playing him. I’ve been a bit hesitant looking up on youtube for set ups and safe jumps, but are there videos that are current to the ae2012? Please don’t think I’m trolling >_<; I’m starting to get super serious about this game.


Dear friends, I want to share this with you, fellow El Fuerte players.



I haven’t been on here for a minute. But yea I also play RSP. Now I resorted to zoning with s.RH (tags the slide), established the respect on the ground with QB’s. Rose’s throw game is fucking ridiculous though, and I regularly get blown up by throws/tick throws. I NEED to be on point for punishing blocked EX Soul Spiral since it’s free U2. Other than that, I think its up there in Fuerte’s worst MU’s. Gotta try sobats in this MU though. I never use that move.

[Fei Long]
Also, the Fei Long MU, I’m trying to figure out a more consistent way of shutting him down, but i can’t seem to have a strong grasp, even after extensively labbing it up. I definitely can’t go H.A.M. with RSP since he has some of the best buttons in the game. This is from my experience playing one of the best Fei’s in Socal (consistently top 3 at WNF). Here are my thoughts on this MU.

  • Zoning with s. mp, s. rh
  • Somehow score a knockdown, then hope the vortex works.
  • I almost always just block in the corner now, I definitely am not crouch teching. Afterwards I just wait for my turn to jump out of the corner after push back from the pressure.
  • I noticed from some vids that s. lp stops delayed rekkas. is this true?

All in all this a ridiculously hard MU. Thoughts amigos?

How is this MU free for Fuerte?


Re: Rose.
I love the character. I hate fighting her. Put her down. Keep her down. I think Sobat is important because its the only real weapon we have against her backdash. that and run stop Qbomb to ensure they dont avoid it.

Re: Gouken

I think once you get in the Gouken’s head to try to parry. They’re free. Mix Fajita’s and Qbombs. Do Run Stops to make them feel stupid for throwing up fireballs. THEN its time for splashes.

Re Fei
He has really good buttons…its a pain.


Mash FADC DP like everyone else.


I’m kinda wondering which color to get for the alt 2 mask (aztec) suggestions? I already have default for original, black for Alt 1.

Sadly can’t make APEX. but I will be at Winter Brawl.


It seemed spabrog was on a laggy stream, or he stopped playing for a little while

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Anybody know what happened to spab? Who he lose to?

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