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Rose is top 5 fuerte’s worse match-ups hands down, fuq that match-up

for me its bison,chun li, cammy, gouken, and rose

I can beat cammy and gouken but I have to put in work


Manage to get 3rd here yesterday…so close to nearlY taking it…LoL Rufus matchups…
1 DG Nice1(guy)
2 RagingRaven(rufus)
3 Eugene(elf)
4 Boomcube (mak)
5 Negro Justice (bis)
5 Mekkanic (chun/cam)
7 Jacob Ford (yun)
7 Arson (akuma)
9 DG Freezeway (vip)
9 Thunderbunny (oni)
9 Atron
9 Anne I Frank
13 SquirtsMcGirk (abel)
13 Ragnarok (hawk)
13 Anthony seth/yun)
13 Sara (guile)
17 Astaroth (hawk)
17 Keith
25 Cale (honda)


I lost to K brad in my winners final pool, i lost 2-1 but I fucked up the first game, It was cool though

I lost my composure though and lost to some sagat from massachusetts, he kept DPing randomly and I wasnt baiting enough because I was too impatient, so thats my fault

imma keep traveling though so its all gooooddd, been playing alot more lately so I feel comfortable again.


I watched the sagat match, yeah you could of had him free

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you gonna be at Winter Brawl bro?


Why is blanka hard ugh

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because he’s more surprise then fuerte.

personally I just remember the following:

Ultra 2 = oh god…
Always focus rainbow ball
Upball beats your wake up game.
Safe tortilla up ball
stop being scared of full screen balls
if he’s walking forward he’s going to ‘random’ slide. Focus it.

But you’re better than me anyway so you should know all of this.


Yeah I can see it all happening, its just so hard to predict sometimes

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Hi all,
I am opening a stream channel on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10pm CST. You are all welcome:


Was at Gamerbee’s crib last night in Taiwan. Ran some sets with the pple there. A bunch of Yuns and Adons. I believe this MU is not very popular on the YouTube. Any advice? I know the MUs generally well, but is there something that Fuerte can do to tip it in his favor?


Qbomb predictable dive kicks. bait dp.

I’m clueless on Adon.


Densou quick tell me how to get an El Fuerte mascara i will order one asap


I believe he got that custom made.<br><br>Yeah, I’m still alive.<br>


Welp! I won the Cosplay competition at Winter Brawl, a major. Best Fuerte?<div><br></div><div>Best line I got from someone: “Dude! That was awesome. You beat TITTIES!”</div><div><br></div>


God no tapatalk sucks this is my first tike getting on the forums in foreverrr. Anyways confirmed going to final round see u guys there. Also who did spab lose to at winterbrawl I saw him molest hiro then nothing?


I felt like an ass after asking him when his top 16 match was… he didnt say who he lost to u_u. He was doing well too…

Also. It doesnt show my taunting but yeah:


Holy shit balls. I’m going to write up a 10 page thesis on all the buffs we deserve and send em to ono.


I’d like if we all just pool our opinions. Combine everything that’s actually sensible, and go from there.

Though I’m skeptical of them listening


Here’s a suggestion: remove that Q-bomb “buff” and give us something useful.


ive already been over this sooo many times with people we will be lucky if we get 2 of these…

increase stun on cl hp
make cr fierce run cancelable
increase health
better hit box on splash
make qbomb a command input
cr short 3 frames
gain meter on picadillo jump
make fajita hit crouchers

Another Patch? Where's my mask?! El Fuerte Changes suggestion discussion