El Fuerte General Discussion Thread



I think they should buff it again, and make Fuerte recover even faster from it so we can do the follow ups from anywhere as opposed to just in certain spots.

Close HP to 175 stun would be good I think.

I’m amazed that they haven’t made crHP Special Cancelable. It would be a mixup opportunity or at least better positioning off of an anti air.

Health I am iffy on. If they fix his tools it would justify his low health.

I hate seeing Splash touch an opponent and nothing happens.

Q-Bomb as a Command Input would be godlike. But I would prefer a hitbox/lower body invincibility buff instead. Or even make it safe since Fuerte has next to nothing safe.

I think cr Short as a 3 framer was what they wanted to sorta kinda but not really give when they made it chainable from a cr Light.

I would agree on meter gain for Picadillo or SOMETHING from it. There’s no point to this move right now, and we have it on three buttons.

I am a bit miffed about Fajita. While I agree on Fajita being given something else (Like more damage) I’d much rather see it Grab crouchers too.


Well… this is our week guys! I’d say Renzo should present whatever list we come up with, as his opinion carries the most weight amongst all of us. I wholeheartedly agree with all of the changes you guys listed. Some may be too good, but all seem within reason.

  • increase stun on cl hp
    This is a must. I can consistently do 6 RSF into slide in-match so this would help out my game tremendously
  • make cr fierce run cancelable
    I can live without this, as cr. Fierce doesn’t come up too much in my execution.
  • increase health
    This is absolutely necessary. Given the amount of risky situations Fuerte is in, he NEEDS at least 1000 Life Points.
  • better hit box on splash
    I can live without this but it would be a great addition to the buffs list.
  • make qbomb a command input
    YESSS. AND also MAKE IT SAFE. We need a reliable armor breaking move which is safe. This would, in effect, deter characters with ridiculously good focus to stop abusing this
  • cr short 3 frames
    SUPER ESSENTIAL. Any 3 frame move is all I ask. Also helps with crouch teching a bunch.
  • Gain meter on picadillo jump
    Not essential but would be awesome
  • Make fajita hit crouchers
    This is way too good. But I approve B)

Should I create the PDF?


Havent Posted here in a while, since I havent really been playing consistently for the last 2 months but heres my suggestions, if someone can copy and paste it to the capcomunity thread, it would be awesome. let them know its from me too =D somethings being weird and im not getting an email for registering =( but ok here it is:

-Give Standing Fierce Punch a better hitbox, it doesn’t hit certain crouching characters like Rose for example. Also, Juri can wake up forward dash and go under it. I’m sure Adon can do the same.

Scenario, I played Sanford Kelly at a Big Two 2 months ago and he counter picked using Cammy (not just picking on her because shes a super good character but hear me out). it was the 2nd game, 1-0 him, it came to the last round of this 2nd game and I had like 3% left, and he tried to Cannon Drill me pretty close to chip me out, and he had 15% left, So I blocked and enough chip and tried to Run Stop Fierce, and it completely whiffed over here…after that I was somewhat unmotivated to play the game because honestly…that’s just not fair.

LUXURY REQUEST: ADD HIS VANILLA STUN BACK TO FIERCE PUNCH (200) its not fair that other characters can stun so easily with less execution. and you can’t land his only combo unless the opponent messes up…the fact that you can stand grab fierce punch anyway is fair because he can’t frame trap you with it.

-Tostada Splash hitbox needs to be bigger. Ive had people beat me in tourney because splash whiffs right on their shoulder on critical down to the wire moments while they were crouching, then they got a free punish. It’s already punishable and focus beats the option and its rewarding if they block/counter correctly, on Paper, its technically riskier for us to do it because it can lead to death.

For example I was playing in the 25th annual anniversary tournament in NYC and it was last game last round, and I was playing a local Balrog player named Poem, and he had 5% health, he was crouching, I splashed and I literally landed on his back shoulder blade and i rolled out and got jab jab headbutt ultra’d and died.

also I play strong vega players out here, and they press crouch strong as soon as they seem me run forward and go in the air, and it makes splash whiff even if I attempt a deep crossup, no one should be awarded for pressing a button when Im already risking alot especially with a low health character

and this happens with A LOT of the cast…Cammy can kill me if I whiff a splash. its -12 and -16 on block, people dont seem to understand this and rather complain. I dont mind it being unsafe but at least force the opponent to block please…

-Tostada Splash (LUXURY REQUEST) make it about 2-3 frames less recovery on block, most of the cast can ultra on block if they look for it. Cammy can get a free ultra if she looks for the block.

-Fajita Buster, more invincibility on the way up, I have reacted to fireballs and have gotten hit on the way up even though it has invincibility already

-Tortilla Propeller- gets grabbed even after the move is activated, sometimes ill be playing and I’ll do the move and fuertes is basically in the air, and I will get grabbed. not cool man

-Jump Fierce Punch, make it cross up better, There are certain characters that you cant jump fierce on because it whiffs behind their neck. (Rose, Guy, Cammy, Guile, Vega, Ibuki etc.)

-Calamari Slide (Run Slide) make it active longer and its hitbox slightly. its already insanely negative on block, but its not active very long and the hitbox isn’t very great if you try to hit it from tip range. Focus Attack absolutely destroys this anyway, so I don’t see it as an insane buff.

Also if you can make it FADC-able would be great, it costs two bars, he doesn’t get anything out of it, and it’s great against characters with backdashes that fuerte can’t deal with, like Rose or Chun’s. basically great against any footsie characters. and then it makes rushing him down even better because there would be less opportunity for EX-Run

  • Shower Kick (Overhead) it looks airborne, so please give it airborne frames, I can’t tell you how many time people have mashing throws when I’m going for something safe. he doesnt get much off of it anyway, so that would be great

  • Gordita Sobat, give it airborne frames PLEASE, its his only safe way to get in and people mash throw and throw him out of it even at far ranges. Focus deals with it greatly anyway, so yeah please fix this.

also give it 1 more frame of advantage on block so its +2, so people can continue pressure, they can backdash if they block anyway, it just adds another level to the meta game (which is what the character is about, but nothing too rewarding).

-Quesadilla Bomb, im fine with how it is now, its unsafe but not too unsafe like before which I really am grateful for because I do use it. But I wish it had quicker start up because I can use it as a footsie tool, and if they block it, I can get knocked down by 80% of the cast. but I will release the button and then for some reason right when the active frames were about to come out, I get low forwarded or something… which isn’t fair.

-Guacamole Leg Throw - take away the trade and make it fully invincible to air moves please, take away that trade glitch.

  • EX Guacamole Leg Throw - does 180 for a bar, which im completely fine, but the angle has to be precise. If buffed, that would be cool but what I really want is that when I actually use the move and I bait someone to jump forward and press a button, I use the EX leg throw to take them down and get a counter hit message. BUT it doesn’t take away 25% extra damage… so they can jump freely at certain angles and I have to deal with it, espescially if someones normals beat my cr.fp for anti air

-Crouch Fierce Punch - would be cool if cancellable, sometimes when in the heat of battle you mess up your inputs, and fuerte players do the most button pressing in SF4, so When I do a slight error, I should not lose my pressure, its all he has. if he can cancel on a late frame, it would be good because he can’t combo from it, but it adds a staggering to open people up.

-LUXURY REQUEST - GIVE HIM 950 HEALTH =D he gets bullied
That’s everything IMO, I (Spab Rog) have been playing fuerte for 3+ years, and I’ve seen the character from every side of the spectrum. There is a reason why he isn’t played outside of execution, its because he isnt very rewarding. I am happy with all the tools and him not being rewarding, but minimalizing risks and playing safer game plans without adding on to his heavy mixup game will make him and overall solid character.

it’s sad to see characters like cammy, akuma, even fei long have a better mixup game then fuerte when thats all he has…He doesn’t do enough damage and is unsafe, thats my main problem. He get’s bullied, and people cry about getting splashed to death, but they dont understand that if they focused, it takes off about 30% of our health and you get free oki. statistically, it takes about 9 splashes back to back to kill a average health character. but it takes 3 focus into dash in any direction to kill us…

I’m not asking him to make him Better, just make him safer. thats my two cents


Done, Spab.

Ain’t nobody gonna stop you. go ahead bro.


thanks brahhh


Didn’t create a PDF but I uploaded my two cents on the thread. I’ll post it here too.

btw, goddamn SRK forums layout is terribad.

**[3 frame c. short]
Fuerte has one of the worst wakeup options in the game. There is absolutely no reason why someone would not take advantage of this (unless i have ultra 2 stocked). I’d have to admit my block discipline is at an all time high because of this, but this is a clear disadvantage. Fuerte basically has no 3 frame move besides throw. Give him this one 3-frame move so he could crouch tech more decently.

[Command input for Q-bomb, AND make it somewhat safe]
The main disadvantages of Q-bombs are that they’re extremely unsafe and it requires the player to hold down kick buttons. I find it difficult to integrate this move in my run-stop-pressure execution, because one or two of my fingers are always on buttons. Most of the time i forgo this move completely. Having more of an access to this move will allow for me to use it more, and deter opponents with good focuses to spam them on me. A command input is definitely a way to go.

This definitely does not need to be a safe move, but having it be -17 on block is ludicrous. Perhaps making it safe at certain distances but allowing it to to -5 on block would be a fair modification to this move (see Guy’s Hozanto).

[EX Guacamole Modifications]**
Simple. I’d prefer for this move to not trade.

In addition it would be awesome if Guacomole is safe as it was in Super again. This would add another dimension to Fuerte’s wakeup game, rather than: block, stand tech, crouch tech, wakeup ultra, wakeup super.

[MOST IMPORTANTLY: 950 - 1000 Life]

Right now, Fuerte’s life is 900. There aren’t any reasons why Fuerte should have such low life, given the amount of risks he has to take, both in run-stop pressure situations as well as vortex situations. If you’d like for fuerte to be decent character 950 would be sufficient (as Spab Rog suggests), but in order for Fuerte to become viable at the highest level of tournament play, 1000 life is a must. I could go on and on as to why this change is so important, but I’ll spare you the details.


im just gonna leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_gDO5ldyWo

wish I had been playing more lately, woulda done a lot better , LOL at the comments tho


Daigo soo free to elf. I would rather play daigo then valle all day. Also gonna post my chang erequests today on capcom.


i agree, valle plays more disrespectful, daigo was calm as fuck though, he played super solid though. I just hate how he can backdash out of shit so free, even in the corner.


Come to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Daigo win a money match against Elf.


I’ll challenge him at EVO to a money match and beat him by time out.


I challenged him in EVO 2011 but never received a response from him… I wanted to play a FT3 for $50 or a FT7 for $100


Shadow Ace,
Thanks for whooping my ass in SFxT earlier. -_-


ive got some new tech guys, its uploading right now :slight_smile:

here it is:


Anytime amigo, its what being a heel luchadore is being all about



@Iperu FT1 Mirrors for ver.2014? or would anyone else like to pilot test in a ft10?


Alternate 3 joke turned super inside joke between Tampa’s two El Fuertes; SeeDogPoo (face), Ultimo Gringo(heel).


I’m in Pool D17 I have a bye first round. WELP at least I made it past the first round guaranteed.


Whoa, you’re lucky Densuo. I got Rom for my first match. Any tips on Yang? I really have little Yang experience. (super nerd bird)


Dont let him recklessly divekick. if you read it. Quesadilla the shit out of it.

He has low health. so make him pay every time. even spamming jabs will whittle him down.

Don’t let him get started. if you do, you’re done. Yang brutalizes fuerte.


dont forget to eat well as well