El Fuerte General Discussion Thread



I joined the group then left, it will probably pick back up like this forum once ultra comes out

plus razorshards is a troll


Im still playing, just on Xbox…


got some mighty fun stuff for u guys, havent posted in a while, just real life stuff, im usually always busy but here it goes.

YOU CAN FIND ME ON TWITTER THOUGH, FOLLOW @MrSpab I’ll be glad to answer anything and help




AAAAAND a bonus video showing my inputs

Hit me up on twitter if anything guys


Jus had a big tourney for King of the Bling 2.
I ll have full results later but i got 3rd
1st MlsSwear (hakan r)
2nd Nice 1(guy)
3rd Me (Elf)


Maybe is old news (i’ve just made a quick google search for “el fuerte unblockable on zangief” and no results)


Be absolutely Random lol


to everyone complaining about rose you just have to play patient and not let her get free damage.

ft10 against arturos rose on his stream matches start at about 30 min in.


I never complain about Rose…i never saw her as a problem…
it pretty much comes down to Rufus or A good Viper for me


Went on hiatus from SF for a few months. Went back to doing crispy links. Just out of curiosity does anyone use run back stop to normals? Definitely finding a new appreciation for his standing fierce punch and mp for their range. Even shower kick.

Fought a Fei and they were using rekka pokes so I basically ran backwards and stopped to slap their hands a few times.

Also have a question but I’ll be testing it out more. Do we have any decent anti-air? Low fierce works against Honda’s neutral jump fierce but I’m starting to consider using experimenting with super maybe. My reaction with guac. and quesadilla aren’t the best but yeah, ought to be interesting.


Anyone know where I can find an el fuerte mask for a buddy of mine that mains him?

Sorry if this is the wrong place or off topic. I’ll run along now


rufus and viper? sounds like pressure and rush down might be a problem for you, I love playing people who press buttons


Haven’t fought rose with fuerte, but wouldn’t ultra spark be a nightmare for her? Considering he has his run shenanigans and all, baiting soul spirals and baiting her into the corner shouldn’t be too hard right? no match up experience so I wouldn’t know, but I wouldn’t expect her to be that hard to deal with.


if you mess up your rsf, what options are you doing? right now if it gets block, once i see st.hp getting blocking i run stop and grab.


we had a big tournament over a week ago, Justin Wong, Ortiz PR Rog and other good players showed up…had 90 people for AE.
I ended up tie for 13th with Elfuerte… I guess thats not bad considering all that showed up…
Dieminion was DQ’d his first match for being late,but bodied everyone to 2nd place.lol

Heres the link,–


I assume this is known… I noticed EL Fuerte is similar to EL Stingray of Saturday Night Slam Masters. SNSM also exist in the same world as Street Fighter. EL Stingray rival is Oni. It’s funny that another Oni was introduced in AE. I also observed a stingray swimming in water in the title screen just below Ken (but that could just be speculation). What does that mean, I don’t know, but it’s interesting none-the-less.


Shotos are my problem right now. I can beat Dudley, Guy, Oni, Fei Long and Gouken right now. I haven’t learnt a lot of the MUs with Fuerte. Any tips? And @"sPaB RoG"‌ nice anti-character setups.


What up gents just thought I’d drop by and let you know I’ll be reppin the mask this weekend at scr. I got chi rithy and bj unchained in my pool it’s gonna be rough.


Saw the first actually enjoyable Fuerte match in my life (iPeru v. Driftwood).


Are there any European Fuerte’s that post on here? Would love to get some experience vs this character, the game has been out for too long for me to not know this matchup.


hello? anyone still alive here ?