El Fuerte General Discussion Thread



i was hoping to find some new shit for ultra here, but it’s still dead as hell lmao


Well he is definitely better and the new qbomb is awesome. getting stuff like Shower kick , cr.lp,st.lk,cr.mk xx q bomb is great and does respectable dmg. Having level 2 or higher q bombs combo from far MP and far Mk is also great and might give him some slight footsie options. The loss of corpse hop bites but overall Fuerte is better this time around


Despite the release of USF, this place is still dead, eh? Damn.


What kicks do you guys prefer to hold down for EX Q-Bomb, MK + HK?


YO WHAT THE HELL THEY GAVE QBOMB INVINCIBILITY?! THIS IS IT, THEY FUCKED UP! NOW THEY FUCKED UP! Peru, Spab - I best seeing you guys start taking tournies/weeklies and stuff. They fucked up. Gonna be so many Counter-Hit QBombs. They dun really fucked up. Fuerte High-Mid Tier now.

Just came back here to say that. Carry on all 5 other of my Fuerte bretheren.

PS: They have fucked up now.


Came here to ask this, sorry I can’t really answer it for you. I would think MK + HK is good so you have access to c.lk/s.lk and run~backdash, but I’m just learning Fuerte (after a brief stint with him in Vanilla years ago).

What button would you suggest holding for just a normal Q Bomb? I was thinking MK so I’d still have access to slide and dropkick.


Ok, so after messing with it, MK+HK seems like the way to go for EX QBomb, and I hold HK for a regular QBomb. I like to leave LK open so I can still tech throws, and I like to keep MK open for something like f.MK > c.LP > c.LK > c.MK > QBomb. You’ll be sacrificing something either way, so it mostly seems like personal preference. Still getting used to holding all these damn buttons though…


yea holding down the charges is the biggest adjustment so far. I almost always have HK held as i dont need the drop kick as much nemore to kill focus attacks now that q bomb is much better. Also if you choose to sacrifice HK for charge then your dmg from lights goes up to a solid number. Since im sacrificing HK i almost always have a lvl 3 ready which really really helps w fuertes dmg. Due to this ive been using OH or cr.lk as my wake up pressure instead of the old vortex. The best part ehich i can not stress enough is that since everyone is scared of q bomb they rather block fuerte which leads to me landing way more fajita busters which its amazing damage


EX Quesadilla, good lord. This move changes just about all of his matchups. Honda does normal or EX Headbutt? Do it. Rose goes into Ultra 2 and starts walking at you, release the buttons! Balrog does any rush punch or “One!”? Just EX Q-Bomb. Only thing I’ve seen it get beat by so far is low profile normals.

I’ve only been playing Ultra Fuerte for a couple of hours and he already feels far better than any of his past versions. I was just playing around in ranked and was surprised how many times I said to myself, “This feels like a good match-up for me now”. How often has that been the case in the past?


Manny, great stuff amigo!

I need a cigarette.


I fucking love that fuerte must be feared now. Hell scrubs are already begging for a nerf on our -14 q bomb lol


I don’t use EX Q-bomb that often (for a multitude of reasons; I usually have it charged after landing an Ultra). But I use HK Q-bomb regularly, and let me tell you something: thank GOD that I started implementing it into my game about a year ago because the Q-bomb now is really, really good. I can’t tell you how many airborne opponents I hit with the Q-bomb. I was shocked.

If you don’t already use Q-bomb, it’s definitely a good move to start using now…especially since the charge time has been decreased.

Also: the loss of the corpse hop has really messed up my game. I would do pretty much after every single knockdown and now it feels weird. You can still corpse hop but you can’t do it as liberally anymore. I don’t think you can do it after splash, but you can do it after slide. I haven’t really tested anything in training mode; I only played a couple of endless lobbies.

And the damage increase on the fajita buster is extremely noticeable…especially with low vitality characters, like Akuma.


What the hell happened to corpse hop?


From the unlisted changes thread

Beats me why it doesn’t work, though. I wonder if they did all that just because of the Ibuki wake-up thingy.


there is new shit brotatoe

delayed wake-up is a godsend, negates the Yun loops I used to caught in

q bombs

I use HK always, mk doing a back run stop, hitting people with “the pepeday” consistently is so fun, shower kick, cr.lp, cr.lk, ck.mk, bomb is so clean

I place pretty well but I need to win, hopefully at final round next year I will make it out my pool

thread is still dead as fuq…lol


do you guys think fuerte will be in sfv?