EL Fuerte is the one character where you have to be serious all the time to win

even during casual matches with friends
you need to bring 110% not 1% less
and you have to be fully focused and dedicated

as far as i know
no other character requires you to treat every match as serious business to even have a chance of winning

no other character requires you to ignore everything else and pay attention to every aspect of the match and whats going on

no other character requires you to just start going apeshit off the wall with random attacks mindraping your opponent and confusing the hell out of them

yes el fuerte is a unique specimen indeed
but this is his downside

where as everyone else could play as many matches as they want
you might only be able to play a few
cause stick or pad
El Fuerte will wear your hands out

so in the end not only does he require extreme concentration but he also requires you to sacrifice your hands

the pay off? watching your opponent’s jaw drop as he can’t help but watch his character get screwed in the air and messed up big time!

but when all is said and done and all your left with is a pair of aching torn up hands
what will you have to say about your experiences with fuerte?
and was it worth it?

Troll. and idk, my hands never get tired when I play with fuerte. I think thats just an absence of physical conditioning.

you must have unlimited stamina then
cause honestly constantly going off the wall and running around like a jumping bean is going to tire your hands out sooner or later

Wow, Crimson Cobram, first you are unable to use a pad and now your hands get tired when playing El Fuerte ?

Please stop using him and return to the THawk/Cody/Zangief forums to enlighten people there with your valuable observations :rolleyes:

this is a serious match

not trying to complain
i can use him on pad(though it can be a pain in the ass)
but after playing a few matches with fuerte

i feel like i’ve gone through a intense marathon
maybe it’s just because he’s so fast and you have to be fast with reaction time to use him

Fuerte requires mental concentration, so yes you might feel mentally tired fast if you are not used to him since you have to think fast all the time. But I am not sure how the hands get tired unless you are not used to RSF and try to use it a lot. Once your mind gets comfortable with his speed then your hands will react more naturally and you shouldn’t have pain related issues.

I wrote a good 3-4 paragraphs that explained why this thread is dumb and why you should stop posting (in an informative matter of course) but I figured I’d be nice and leave you with this.


I’d say El Fuerte is the one character where you have to have fun all the time, win or lose.

agreed i mean fuerte does some crazy stuff(he’s like rey mysterio!)and as with any wrestler
it’s all about entertaining the crowd and putting on a good show

most people aren’t used to el fuerte because no matter where you look offline or online people aren’t exactly flocking to use him

he has two major downsides that turn people away from using him
1.he has pretty low health
2.his damage output is pitifully low

#1 means you can’t make many mistakes and have to watch out for any incoming attack that might send your health dropping

#2 means you really do have to play like a luchador and use your speed to confuse and wear out your opponent

sadly because of those two things
people will for the most part not treat el fuerte as a threat unless you make him so
and even then he’s always the underdog having to battle his way through hard matches
even if he comes out on top it’s either by a comeback or barely winning

this is also a character where from the start You’ll always be afraid of someone putting the pressure on you and trying to corner you

I’m sorry, but this is just hilarious.

You’re probably serious too…

Life Is Hillarious

I can’t imagine a thread like this would make people want to play or respect Fuerte more, I’m sure it would have the opposite effect.

If you want people to play fuerte start practicing, go out there and put on a show. I’m absolutely sure the day fuertes start getting 1st in majors that the amount of fuerte players will increase tenfold.

One of the reasons I justified playing fuerte when I first started was that there were no cool US fuerte videos, I want to fill that void- with fuerte the crowd will never be disappointed like when they see a sagat/guile mirror- any matchup, any fuerte player- they’ll be cheering.

Yea same with me i picked fuerte because i never wanted to be in a fireball war for 10 seconds.

I’ve been playing A LOT more patently with Fuerte, it pays off. I’m so used to being reckless at all times and I lose a lot some times, but after calming down things go a lot better.

I love it.

I play Remy in 3s.

I will never lose a fireball war. My opponents are lucky I play Fuerte.

Thats a rather bold thing to say, how often do you play sf4 then paper, i hear theres not that many people to play at denjin

Fuerte is the strongest character in the game. Of course against Bison, Vega and Honda he really sux… but he’s stronger for every other characters.

Crimson Cobra’s 2nd account?

Why play the game if you’re not gonna play seriously?

You best be trollin’ tc.

If you try to play Furte seriously the whole time you will become robotic.

You should be serious about EXECUTION.
But when your intentions and actions are to bait, to run, to nickle and dime you should follow Bruce lee and be water.

When I get serious when I try to play keep away I get tense, and I get my runaway read like a book and beatdown.

When I’m keeping it loose And go with the flow I get away, because I pick an option and go with it, I make it look like I pulled one out my ass.

Here’s an example:

Lots of times in the corner I jump back to makem think about the wall jump. Always happens when I’m serious. I think about wall jump moves.

When I go devi-may-care and wing it my mind goes with every option. CrHK, shower kick, q-bomb, run stop guac, run, wall jump, fake wall jump, nuetral jump, run back picadillio. I say fuck it. Pick one and go with it.

If you overthink with el fuerte you’re gonna get killed quicker then a novice fuerte spamming splash.

Not only that but being serious the whole time is gonna burn you out mentally and is an easy way to get frustrated.

You have to find that balance between randomness and being serious.

Also. El Fuerte’s job is to iritate the opponent.