El Fuerte is the worst character in AE


i like it


true story

, bro.

not again

no people just dont know how to use him yet.

If you can’t put the work into learning him, don’t try to in the first place. I came to Fuerte because I’m a wrestling fan, so I was naturally drawn to him. I don’t use Zangief because Fuerte plays more to my style, and Hakan is similar in that regard, not to mention pretty fun. I didn’t even think about the learning curve that it takes to learning him. And I like to say that after playing him since he first released, I feel pretty damn proud for learning one of the most difficult characters in the game, and getting my just rewards.

It was only over a year ago when I decided to get competitive and concentrate on more of the grit of SF, but I have come to realize that Fuerte doesn’t follow many of the same rules. I will say I don’t like the nerf to his tostada because it decreases his offensive game and makes us more have to keep from being cornered due to his weak defensive game.

But hey, I never had that problem before. He has a very good rushdown game that’s similar to Akuma’s and Ibuki’s, so I’m all up for it.

I’m ok with this

Only a foolish fool would foolishly try to fool other fools.

I haven’t touched AE yet, so I reserve judgement until I do so…That being said, even if they dropped some hidden nerfs we have not been made aware of, he is still a long way away from being the worst.

Even if they made him weaker, they made him more consistent, and that is something that should take the hate off of us as Elf players. I also agree with El_Cor for the most part.

It’s hard to say. Before if I was winning and people wanted to get rid of me, they would immediately go to Blanka/Honda/Boxer/Dictator. I haven’t seen anyone even try with Honda now and I’e been doing okay against the other three. Feels like Fuerte can get hit out of his specials easier but there will be fewer times where you lose because of a f**k up in RSF. I think he’s a notch lower over all in AE but not the worst character. Honda has all but vanished…

>Implying Blanka isn’t the worst